See a Beauty of Earth and Space in Stunning New ISS Timelapse

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Moonrises, sunsets, aurorae and of course, a pleasing world Earth star in this latest timelapse gathered from imagery taken by astronauts on house a International Space Station. “Orbit 3″ was put together by Phil Selmes regulating ISS footage prisoner during ISS Expeditions 42 and 43 between Jan by May 2015.

Orbit 3, new timelapse by Phil Selmes.

Orbit 3, new timelapse by Phil Selmes.

“I hadn’t designed on creation another ISS time relapse video though we have been so awestruck by some of a new footage we couldn’t assistance myself,” Selmes told Universe Today. “I consider a indicate of disproportion for this video is that it not usually draws on really new footage though it includes many views not seen in other time relapse videos, for instance some of a full shade “fisheye views” have not been featured too heavily nor have some of a shots looking by a ISS side observation windows.”


This is a 4th video Phil has constructed regulating ISS time relapse footage (see another here and a ‘Birdman-like tracking shot timelapse here). Phil says he still gets a pile in his throat each time he sees a “tiny small world with a spectacle load of life orbiting alone in a comprehensive proportions of space.”

We do too.

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Source: Universe Today, created by Nancy Atkinson