See The Outlandish Fashions From “Outlander” Season 1

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As Claire Randall on a Starz duration play array Outlander, singer Caitriona Balfe stuns on a tiny shade in a accumulation of elaborate looks crafted by dress engineer Terry Dresbach. Balfe plays a World War II-era fight nurse, who is taken on a puzzling outing by time and finds herself in Scotland in a year 1743. Claire is now a healer during Castle Leoch, in adore with Highland soldier Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and exquisitely attired for her new life in a 1700s.

With Season 2 of Outlander airing on Apr 10 during 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase, here’s a demeanour behind during Claire’s many noted conform moments from a initial season.


Extravagant furs in “Castle Leoch”: In Episode 2 of a series, Balfe’s impression is a stylish steer with a lush fur neckpiece that offers a friendly finish to her ensemble. Although this bushy appendage might be a suitable matter for this chronological drama, it’s startling how simply her neckpiece can fit into 2016’s conform trends! We are also fondness Claire’s colourless grey wire weave arm warmers and her neat dim neutral colour palette.


A stylish buttoned coupler with white fur trim in “The Gathering”: Claire proves that a lady can demeanour ideally stylish while horseback roving in Episode 4, as she embraces a dim grey troops desirous coupler with bullion buttons. Meanwhile, a intemperate white fur accents on a sleeves and hood finish her style.


An perplexing immature plaid robe in “The Garrison Commander”: As a uncover is set in Scotland, plaid prints and sprouting shades are fundamentally de rigueur in Claire’s wardrobe. In Episode 6, a dark-haired beauty rocks a scrupulous dim immature plaid robe that facilities off-hand pleats and a full hem. The three-quarter sleeves and grey shawl hang adult her sartorial statement.


An oversized tan garment in “Both Sides Now”: In Episode 8, Claire is walking justification that a essential neutral topper is as wise for a year 1743 as it is for complicated day. Her dim tan-coloured hooded garment is a clever look, and adds a absolute covering to her petticoats and bodice.

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