Selena Gomez Rocks A Bright Red Purse For Autumn

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If we wish to move a cocktail of colour into your tumble wardrobe, there’s zero utterly like a spirit of red to now breathe new life into your accessories. Although we’re all informed with a small red dress and have come to adore a appropriate of crimson lipstick, there’s zero utterly like clear accessories to element your autumn looks.

For some-more evidence, one only needs to take a peek during Selena Gomez. The 25-year-old thespian and thespian recently stepped out in New York City, sporting a splendid red leather satchel. Paired with a printed navy blue delegate and an oversized beige cardigan, Gomez’s early tumble garb managed to ideally element her choice of handbag. The star’s purse offering a clear dash of colour, that was equivalent by an differently kind outfit. We are also fondness her infrequent white sneakers and black retro sunglasses for a finishing touch.

If you’re looking to take Gomez’ character for yourself, spin to a identical outfit of a day. The demeanour of a ditsy print, neutral topper and bright, musty matter appendage can assistance we pitch your character into fall.

Photo: Instar Images