SelfieBot: still robotic telepresence system

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Endurance now offers a FREE SelfieBot to all educational institutions for use with non-commercial applications. Endurance provides giveaway open source formula of a SelfieBot for any propagandize or university.


The SelfieBot is a still telepresence complement that can be grown by a tyro wholly on their possess (Do It Yourself). The SelfieBot DIY height is a apparatus that empowers we to spin your mobile device into a smarter machine.

With a assistance of a SelfieBot we can record video and promote yourself to others and a camera will follow we while we pronounce and pierce around.The SelfieBot automatically marks your face definition that we will be always in concentration while recording.The SelfieBot allows we to attend classes remotely. According to a developers, a SelfieBot is a ideal apparatus to correlate with group members that can't be benefaction during your location.

All of a SelfieBot’s tools can be purchased on Amazon or Ebay and a convention routine is each easy. Simply follow a step-by-step instructions, and we can fast emanate your possess SelfieBot robot, urge it, and even share it with others. Developing your possess SelfieBot will not need a lot of time or special knowledge.

Developers contend they attempted to make a educational as elementary as possible. Everyone is supposing with a following items:
*  A CAD scheme
* STL files for 3D-printing
* The firmware for Arduino
* An APK record for Android
* A list of all a tools that we need to build your possess robot.

Key facilities of a SelfieBot:
– Turns your mobile device and marks a faces regulating Google API and a application.
– Can be tranquil remotely and allows we to stagger on dual apart axes.
– The DIY SelfieBot can be used to assistance urge your skills in robotics by providing we a event to emanate your possess drudge formed on a SelfieBot foundation.

Current beta facilities that we devise to have finalized in a nearby future:
– IOS / Windows support
– IR tracking system.
– Wireless charging.
– Additional outmost battery bank
– Motion sensoring
– Voice control systems

Source: Endurance