#SelfieWithDaughter: Ehsan Jafri’s daughter shares ‘haunting’ sign of 2002 Gujarat riots

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is famous for successfully moving amicable media trends. And a latest one is the hashtag #SelfiWithDaughter. Aimed during formulating recognition about and curbing womanlike foeticide that is prevalent in several tools of India, a Prime Minister asked people to share selfies with their daughters on amicable media.

The print Ehsan Jafri's daughter common on Facebook. The print Ehsan Jafri's daughter common on Facebook.

The print Ehsan Jafri’s daughter common on Facebook.

The beginning saw a good response with a hashtag apropos a tip trend on Facebook and Twitter. Not only India, people from opposite a universe common photos with their daughters creation a debate a outrageous success within a few hours. However, while many of a response was positive, there was one Facebook post that stood out like a bruise thumb.

PM Modi might have come a prolonged approach from a days when he was Gujarat arch minister, though some people seem to remember his reign well, generally a 2002 Gujarat riots that claimed several lives.

One of a lives mislaid in a Gulberg Society electrocute was that of Congress MP Ehsan Jafri. He was brutally murdered by a aroused Hindu host and his residence was burnt down on 28 February, 2002.

While his mother Zakia Jafri is still fighting for justice, his daughter Nishrin Jafri Hussain on Sunday night common a print with her father with a ‘SelfieWithDaughter’. In her post, she said, “SelfieWithDaughter: This one will haunt him for ever”

SelfieWithDaughter: This one will haunt him for ever..

Posted by Nishrin Jafri Hussain on Sunday, Jun 28, 2015

This post valid to be a chilling sign of how a riots have scarred hundreds of lives. And as a PM seems to have changed on, those who suffered during a riots still remember.