Sensly – A Smart, Portable Pollution Sensor For Your Home

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Sensly is a unstable wickedness sensor able of detecting a atmosphere wickedness levels regulating a onboard gas sensors to collect information about a several gases present. This information can be fed directly to your smartphone for genuine time pull presentation updates.


Sensly uses industrial sensors that assure an accurate reading of a office, home, or work sourroundings and can be powered by possibly a battery or from a mains regulating a micro usb lead. Being wakeful of this information helps we to take movement and move a wickedness levels down around you. It could be as critical as detecting a CO monoxide trickle in your home and alerting your intelligent device about it, and permitting we to take a required precautions.


Sensly’s program integrates deeply into a device. All we need to do is bond your Sensly to a internet and watch a information tide to your device. With the mobile app or web interface we can perspective information from one or some-more inclination we possess or see environmental information other people have selected to share.

With intelligent alerts we sensly will send we a presentation when spikes in gases are rescued and give we reports on how your sourroundings has altered over time.

Source: Kickstarter