Serena Williams and Sister Venus, History and Pride

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Which is stronger, story or pride? The tennis universe is about to find out. Today in a quarter-finals of a U.S. Open, it is Serena Williams vs. her sister Venus with story and honour on a line. A win by Serena would make story given it would constraint for her the calendar Grand Slam, winning all 4 majors in one year. But for Serena it is a matter of elementary pride.

History is a clever contender to win this match. Both Williams sisters have won twice in a 4 times they have met during Flushing. Venus won a initial compare behind in 2001 when she was still deliberate a stronger of a dual players. She won 6-2, 6-4 in a finals and prisoner a championship while Serena staid for runner-up. That seemed to be a branch indicate for Serena who proceeded to win a next six matches opposite her sister, 5 of that were Grand Slam finals.

In a 2002 U.S. Open Serena Williams incited a tables on Venus winning 6-4, 6-3. The sisters dominated tennis during a 2002 season winning 6 out of 7 Grand Slam finals. Serena won what many impute to as a “Serena Slam” given she won 4 Grand Slam championships in a row. The dual would not accommodate during Flushing again until 2005 when Venus incited a tables behind on Venus with a 7-6, 6-2 win in a quarter-finals. Kim Clijsters eventually won that tournament. In 2008 it was Serena behind on tip winning a hard-fought compare finale in dual tie breakers 7-6, 7-6. Serena went on to win her third pretension in that tournament.


One some-more indicate about a energy of history. Serena has prisoner a “Serena Slam” though a feat currently would be a calendar Grand Slam, a initial since Steffi Graf in 1988. Serena has already placed herself in a really prestigious place in women’s tennis, though this win would place her in a special place along side of Graf, one of a greatest. Serena Williams vs. sister Venus, story and honour on a tennis court. This is story in a making. Maybe.

Yes, story is strong, though what about a energy of pride? Serena Williams is ranked series one in a universe while Venus comes in during series 23. Serena binds a corner in their sum matches 15-11 and has won 6 of a final 7 compare ups. Add to that a accessible foe that exists between them in their outward endeavors. According to Merlisa Lawrence Corbett of Bleacher Report, Serena is black of a endorsements carrying landed slip line Berlie and JPMorgan Chase. Venus has left in a instruction of tenure with a squeeze of franchises of Jamba Juice and finds time to operate V Starr Interiors, an interior pattern firm.

To supplement to this matter of pride, Venus has been vital given 2011 with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune commotion that has several critical symptoms that have apparently slowed down her career. She has a lot to infer and a compare currently competence really good be a approach she captures a tennis movement from her sister once again. History is tough to overcome, though any contestant will determine that few army are as clever as simple tellurian pride.

So, how will this essential compare spin out? Everyone, of course, is presaging a Serena victory. One criticism on a news essay reflected what many people are thinking: “A outrageous yawn. Venus is not that good. Easy Serena victory.” One can't assistance though consternation if this chairman underestimates a honour factor. Most people make that mistake given honour is a matter of a heart and many people opinion for muscle over heart each time. Serena Williams vs. her sister Venus brings out a dispute of story and pride. Often, honour wins and that creates for good history.

By Lloyd Gardner


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