Shah Rukh Khan, Maneesh Sharma group adult again for film, though not ‘Fan’ sequel

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Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has delivered nonetheless another success with Fan, reveals that there won’t be any supplement to a film. However he is geared adult to combine with a executive of a latest recover Maneesh Sharma nonetheless again though with a opposite book altogether.

“(Fan had a decisive ending) so we don’t consider there is any supplement to this movie,” a 50-year-old told IANS.

Shah Rukh Khan. Image by Sachin GokhaleShah Rukh Khan. Image by Sachin Gokhale

Shah Rukh Khan. Image by Sachin Gokhale

Fan featured Shah Rukh as Gaurav, a fan of luminary Aryan Khanna, who is also played by a superstar.

Shah Rukh says that he has compared with Maneesh for another film that will be opposite from Fan.

“Maneesh and we are operative on another film that is not identical to Fan during all. It’s a really opposite story and we will start operative on it by subsequent year. It will be a good film.”

While critics and assembly have been praising Gaurav’s impression in Fan, Shah Rukh says Aryan Khanna was some-more formidable to play.

“I still feel Aryan is a many formidable impression for me. It’s tighten to my life as an actor and as a star. we feel that a grace of a film stars indispensable to be confirmed in a film since we am personification myself in it,” he said.

“Having pronounced that, a biggest feat was that we could remonstrate a people that there are dual people in this film and not one chairman and we consider that’s a biggest compliment,” he added.

Shah Rukh is also formulation to applaud a success of Fan.

“Aditya Chopra (producer of Fan) has left for Befikre to Paris and we am going to London though one day we am going to lay down with a group of Fan and celebrate. We spent prolonged hours to make this film… so in a few days we will call for a get-together.”