Shania Twain’s New Album “Now” Debuts At Number 1

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Usually when an song artist takes some time off, it takes awhile to get behind to where they were before. In fact a lot of a time, holding even dual or 3 years off can means them to remove momentum. That doesn’t seem to be a box with Canadian nation luminary Shania Twain nonetheless whose new album, her initial in scarcely 15 years, took a tip symbol on a Billboard 200. 

“Now” is Twain’s initial manuscript given 2002 when “Up!” was released. At that time a manuscript spent a initial 5 weeks atop a charts. What is so intolerable about Twain’s tip of a draft transformation as well, is that distinct other newly expelled albums, such as those by Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, “Now” doesn’t enclose a tip 10 single. At slightest not yet. It’s also a initial womanlike nation artist to strech series 1 given Miranda Lambert did it in Jun of 2014. The accolades don’t stop there either.

With Twain reaching series 1, she becomes one of only 4 womanlike artists innate in Canada to have some-more than one tip of a charts album. Celine Dion has a many with 4, Alanis Morissette follows with 3 and Twain is now tied with Avril Lavigne with 2. In box we were curious, “Up!” was Twain’s initial manuscript to draft as series 1 of a Billboard 200. “Now” is also Twain’s fifth manuscript to strech series 1 on a Top Country Albums draft as well, and with it entering a U.K. albums draft during series 1 this week, Twain’s manuscript becomes a initial nation manuscript to strike that symbol in both a U.S. amd U.K. given Taylor Swift did it in 2012.