Sharad Pawar defeats Shiv Sena-backed Vijay Patil to win seventh tenure as MCA president

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Mumbai Cricket Association members voted opposite change as obligatory boss Sharad Pawar kick behind a energetic plea from resurgent claimant Vijay Patil, who was streamer a Cricket First Group, by 34 votes.

Pawar, who had teamed adult with a Bal Mahaddalkar group, won by 176 votes to 142. It was a initial time Pawar has faced an choosing during a MCA given entrance to energy in 2001. Patil, who had been vice-president given 2011, was corroborated by a Shiv Sena while a BJP had thrown a weight behind Pawar’s already substantial influence.

MCA boss Sharad Pawar. PTIMCA boss Sharad Pawar. PTI

MCA boss Sharad Pawar. PTI

Four other members of a Bal Mahadalkar organisation were inaugurated as bureau bearers. Former India batsman Dilip Vengsarkar and BJP Mumbai boss Ashish Shelar were inaugurated a dual vice-presidents. Nitin Dalal and Dr. PV Shetty were inaugurated Treasurer and one of a dual corner secretaries respectively. Dr. Unmesh Khanvilkar of Cricket First prevented a purify brush by winning a competition for a other corner secretary’s post.

Pratap Sarnaik, a Shiv Sena MLA who ran for vice-president was defeated, as was former India quick bowler Abey Kuruvilla. The one startle better for a Mahadalkar organisation was Ravi Sawant, who had been vice-president for a prior dual years and halt boss after Deshmukh died in Aug 2012. This time around he ran for secretary and mislaid out to Khanvilkar.

The Pawar-Mahadalkar organisation also stormed to feat in 10 of a 11 contests for a handling committee. Pravin Amre, a former India and Mumbai batsman, was a usually member of Cricket First to prevail.

The formula were announced outward a BCCI’s domicile during a Wankhede Stadium late on 17 June.

Patil had campaigned aggressively on a need for change in a MCA though might have been dismantled by his refusal to state that he would not horde matches during a DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai, that he owns. Pawar had finished a indicate of observant a Wankhede Stadium, that a MCA owns, contingency keep a supremacy in Mumbai cricket and warned that if Patil was elected, that could change.

Pawar left a Wankhede Stadium around 6 pm (just before voting closed) though returned once he knew he had won to announce a grave results. He was soon surrounded by supporters and allies, some of whom took selfies with him.

“We will work together with everybody for a good of Mumbai cricket,” Pawar said.

Vengsarkar, who mislaid a 2011 choosing for boss to a late Vilasrao Deshmukh, popped a bottle of champagne while outward a Vinoo Mankad gate, a tiny organisation of BJP supporters had collected to applaud Shelar’s win. The military prevented them from entering a track though that did not moderate their enthusiasm. They waved BJP flags, banged drums and shouted slogans.

Pawar headed MCA for 10 years, from 2001-2011, before handing over a reins to fellow-politician Vilasrao Deshmukh whose black genocide in Aug 2012 enabled Ravi Savant to turn a halt boss before Pawar was inaugurated unopposed as boss during a final elections.

Refuting Sena arch Uddhav Thackeray, Pawar told a media discussion on Tuesday that he was not batting on 0 though with an dominant churned hundred.

“In MCA’s executive history, a opening of Sesharao Wankhede was really good as he was a initial to rise this infrastructure. In a final few years a Cricket Centre that was built during my reign is not usually a domicile of MCA though also of BCCI,” Pawar had said.

“Secondly a indoor comforts during a BKC is a initial such trickery in India. We have built identical comforts in Kandivli too and have skeleton to extend them to Thane. we am not batting on one century though on churned centuries” a NCP Chief added.

He conceded that DY Patil Stadium was allotted an ODI in a past opposite Australia and a compare got cleared out.

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    MCA elections: Shiv Sena claimant could plea Sharad Pawar for president

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    MCA Elections: Vijay Patil on dethroning Sharad Pawar and removing Shiv Sena support

  • Mumbai should follow Karnataka in giving voting rights to former players: Praveen Amre

    Mumbai should follow Karnataka in giving voting rights to former players: Praveen Amre

“That accede was taken from a International Cricket Council (ICC) when Wankhede underwent renovation. But one of a conditions ICC has put onward is that no competition other than cricket can be reason in sequence for a venue to get ICC clearway to reason internationals. Now that track (D Y Patil) binds football matches (ISL) too,” he said.

“His (Viay Patil) father is a good crony of cave though we am not holding a subsequent era seriously,” he added.

Pawar finished it transparent that politics and celebration affiliations did not matter when it came to his tie with sports bodies.

“I have headed Maharashtra Olympic Association, Maharashtra Wrestling physique and a country’s Kho Kho and Kabaddi associations. we had never churned politics and sports all these years and this male here (Shelar) is of a same dispensation,” pronounced Pawar.

“In cricket administration MCA, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi and now Maharashtra are deliberate to be among a best,” he said.

While observant Mumbai teams have finished good in several tournaments, a NCP arch pronounced he was happy that cricket has widespread to several tools of a nation distinct in a past when it was cramped to a few large centres like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru.

*Editor’s note: The total has been updated to simulate a final formula announced by a MCA.

Full list of MCA choosing winners

President: Sharad Pawar
Vice President: Dilip Vengsarkar and Ashish Shelar.
Jt. Secretary: Dr. PV Shetty and Dr. Unmesh Khanvilkar
Treasurer: Nitin Dalal
Managing Committee members: Vinod Deshpande, Navin Shetty, Deepak Patil, Arvind Kadam, Ganesh Iyer, Shah Alam, Srikant Tigdi, Arman Mallick, Ramesh Vajge, Pankaj Thakur and Pravin Amre.

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