She Does Stunts On ‘Supergirl,’ But This Proves That She Has Real-Life Powers

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As someone who gets winded walking adult a stairs, we deeply admire athletes.

And as someone with a critical binge-watching problem, we admire athletes who also occur to perform stunts on strike TV shows even more. You competence not know Jessie Graff’s name, though if you’ve watched “Supergirl” on CBS, you’ve really seen her work.

This stuntwoman and all-around force to be reckoned with recently pennyless a record during a qualifiers for “American Ninja Warrior” by apropos a initial lady to conquer a show’s new Warped Wall obstacle.

If saying her in movement isn’t lady energy during a finest, afterwards we don’t know what is.


My favorite partial of this whole thing (aside from her torpedo outfit) is listening to a announcers weird out during each turn. So who wants to be my gym buddy? we clearly have some work to do.