She Dropped Toothbrushes Into A Boiling Pot — What She Did With Them Is Brilliant

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If you’re like me, each time we get giveaway toothbrushes from a dentist, instead of indeed regulating them, we only store them.

I have my electric brush that I’ll use until it dies on me. So what do we do with those colorful cosmetic brushes? Well, adult until today, we only kept them for traveling. But we know that I’m going to really use a few of them for this cold craft.

Grab a pot, fill it with some water, mislay your brushes’ bristles with some pliers, and chuck them into a hot bath…


That’s so simple! Plus, these are an darling approach to supplement a lurch of tone to only about any outfit. No one will ever theory they’re done out of toothbrushes!

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