She Handed Her Kids Smoothies. Little Did They Know Her Motivations Were Sinister.

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On May 9, military were responding to a gratification check during a Chicago, Illinois, unit when they immediately beheld a clever fragrance of gas.

When they went inside, they found 38-year-old Tracy F. Johnson and her five-year-old daughter unresponsive. Her two-year-old son was reportedly “out of it” and stumbling around with his eyes rolling into a behind of his head. As it turns out, Johnson had attempted and unsuccessful to not usually kill herself, though her immature children as well.

According to investigators, Johnson had dejected adult medication pills and churned them into smoothies, afterwards attempted to get her children to splash them. She after told military that she had been indignant during a father of one of them since he “was verbally violent and did not take her problems seriously.” She also pronounced she didn’t wish possibly of her kids to see him and that “Heaven was a best place for all 3 of them.”

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When a kids refused to splash a smoothies, Johnson attempted force-feeding them a pills with water. She afterwards put bags over their heads, used wire to tie them up, and incited on a gas burners on her stove. At some point, she texted her mom to contend she desired her. That’s when her mom told her sister, who called a police.

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Both a children and Johnson tested certain for benzodiazepam, a drug some-more ordinarily famous as famous as Valium or Xanax. Johnson also had opiates in her system. She’s now in a sanatorium and being hold on a $2 million bond on dual depends of attempted homicide.

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