She Just Combined Our Love Of Fashion, Disney, AND Tacos Because She’s A Queen

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Cosplayers, or people who dress adult in costume, have a flattering cold hobby.

Some cite to buy their gear, though there are a ton of extraordinary designers and craftspeople who wear their possess creations and share them with us on amicable media. One of these designers, Olivia Mears, has a outrageous following on Instagram, where some-more than 10,000 people follow her during avantgeek. Her geeky take on a avant garde is wide-ranging, beautiful, and sometimes, even good adequate to eat.

Mears has taken on a many difficult projects, including Belle’s ballgown from “Beauty and a Beast.”

She has a ton of normal impression photoshoots, though she also likes to have a small fun with food.

Check out this implausible “Taco Belle” crossover, that went viral. I’m obsessed.