She Knew She Always Looked Different Than Her Siblings — The Reason Why Is Shocking

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Every family has a “black sheep” who doesn’t utterly fit in. For Kay Rene Reed Qualls and DeeAnn Angell Schafer, they both grew adult with a whinging feeling they weren’t like a rest of their brothers and sisters. And that’s since they weren’t.

Both were innate during a Pioneer Memorial Hospital in Heppner, OR, on May 3, 1953. While their moms were still recuperating from a complicated sedation used in birthing behind then, a helper took a infants to give them their baths. When a girls were returned, however, a mothers beheld something off…but they were brushed aside as still not carrying their faculties entirely recovered.

As years went by, it became transparent that Kay Rene and DeeAnn didn’t unequivocally demeanour anything like their other siblings. Jokes about “the milkman” were done and any suspicions remained unanswered. Finally, after over 50 years, a law was revealed:

Watch a video to hear some-more of their implausible story:


(via San Francisco Globe)

It’s heartwarming to see a “swisters” welcome their singular new family and turn stronger, notwithstanding a bizarre situation. Every family has the possess small uncanny quirk, after all!