She Posed For Her Fiance In Intimate Photos, But What She Wore Is Cracking People Up

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A lot of women like to warn their soon-to-be husbands with insinuate boudoir photos of themselves, though this humorous lady wanted to do something a small opposite for her fiance.

The woman, Nicole, and her partner contingency have a good clarity of amusement and share a lot of laughs together, since instead of seeking her photographer friend, Kissy Spicer, to take voluptuous shots of her wearing lingerie, she threw on an iconic T-Rex dress and struck her best poses. The formula (and a whole process) were positively hilarious, as Kissy recounts below.

“I’ve been sitting on this sorcery for months and I’m so vehement we can finally share these with we all.”

“Nicole and we were shouting until we had tears streaming down the face.”

“I never knew how tough it would be to poise a seven-foot dinosaur and make it demeanour sexy…”