She Was Not Pleased About Getting A New Brother, But Chocolate Fixed Everything

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It can be super sparkling for kids when they find out they’re removing a new sibling, though in this small girl’s case? Not so much.

Well, to be fair, she was happy about a new baby during first…until she found out that instead of carrying a sister, she’d be removing a hermit instead. The two-year-old severely got focussed out of figure when family members pennyless a bad news. She was so upset, in fact, that there was usually one thing that could presumably redress a conditions for her — chocolate, of course.

Watch this smart-alecky toddler adorably remove it when she realizes all her dreams of carrying lady time went adult in smoke. Also, don’t ever try to tell her that she likes blue!


I’m flattering certain this is accurately how my comparison hermit reacted when my relatives told him we was a girl. Be certain to share this humorous video with anyone we know who would get a laugh!