She’d Been In The Foster System For Years When A Woman Gave Her Life-Changing News

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Many kids spend years in encourage caring wishing that one day, they’ll get a family of their own.

For one 11-year-old lady in South Jordan, Utah, that day came when her school’s bureau manager, Jackie Alexander, gave her a best news of her life. Tannah Butterfield has been with her encourage parents, Jen and Jeff Fisher, for dual years when they motionless to not usually make her a permanent member of their family, though her dual siblings as well!

That morning, a Fishers called Alexander and asked her to send a news that they were strictly going to adopt Tannah and her siblings, six-year-old Teagun and two-year-old Tallie. Here’s her darling reaction.


(via Independent)

I’m not ashamed to acknowledge that tears are using down my cheeks right now. I’m so happy for this family!