Sheena Bora box and a miffed crime branch: Why Rakesh Maria was suspended as Mumbai’s tip cop

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Rakesh Maria’s remarkable and discerning dismissal from a post of military commissioner of Mumbai underneath a guise of him being promoted to a post of the Director General of Home Guards, lifted some-more questions than answers on Tuesday.

But a key reason for a ouster seems to be Maria’s overzealous and overprotective review into a Sheena Bora murder box that has been creation headlines for a past dual weeks and that burnished a Mumbai Crime Branch on a wrong side.

According to sources, corner commissioner of police, Crime Branch, Atul Kulkarni, was miffed during being left out of what would have been a bread-and-butter box for his team.

Former Mumbai military commissioner Rakesh Maria. PTIFormer Mumbai military commissioner Rakesh Maria. PTI

Former Mumbai military commissioner Rakesh Maria. PTI

This disavowal in a moment review arm of a city police, apparently led Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to sequence a watchful enquiry by Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Bakshi. The Crime Branch voiced a warn over a approach a box was literally hijacked by a chief’s. In normal course, this box would have landed adult in Kulkarni’s path within a few days. This is finished to keep a military stations giveaway from a weight of perplexing investigations so as to demeanour after normal law and sequence duties.

This gathering was clearly disregarded in a Sheena Bora murder case.

Instead, Maria took personal seductiveness in interrogating a primary indicted during a Khar military hire thrice. Bakshi briefed a CM over a ongoing review in a Sheena Bora box and a day-to-day impasse of a military commissioner.

Following a watchful enquiry, that need not have been watchful during all deliberation that Maria was creation no skeleton of a fact that he had taken over this case, a arch apportion chided Maria, in a devious way, of course, that he wished a military took such seductiveness in elucidate all crimes.

His accurate words: “Police have shown a lot of impasse and courtesy in a box that is in a media spotlight. It should compensate identical courtesy to other cases that do not get media focus,” Fadnavis had told a media.

Such was a turn of beating during a tip echelons of a supervision that a Chief Minister motionless to ascent a post of Mumbai Police Commissioner to a arrange of Director General from that of Additional Director General. This was required to move in Ahmed Javed, already a DGP, to reinstate Maria, who himself was promoted to a arrange of DG to promote his send to DG Home Guards. Through all this churn, Maria was unknowingly of a entrance storm. He got to know usually when a CM sealed a orders, as reported by The Quint, only before withdrawal for Japan on Tuesday morning.

Maria, had taken undue and strident seductiveness in a Sheena Bora case, and had himself interrogated a indicted including Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna, that was unusual. As NDTV news said, Maria was also frequently holding press conferences about a box notwithstanding not carrying given any talk given he was done Mumbai Police chief.

Maria was anyway ostensible to be promoted and sent out of Mumbai on Sep 30. Curtailing his tenure only 22 days before execution was a passed give-away that it had all to do with a approach he rubbed a Sheena Bora case.

But carrying felled Maria in one discerning sweep, there were some bad attempts during repairs control. Late in a evening, Additional Secretary Bakshi said: “There was no precipitate in transferring Maria. It would have been inapt to send him on 30 September, in a center of a gratifying deteriorate as Ganapati festival, a really critical eventuality in Maharashtra would be on during that time. Therefore, we motionless to allege a graduation of Maria,” he said.

Not only poor, though also absurd when Bakshi pronounced that Maria would continue to conduct a Sheena Bora examine irrespective of a transfer.