Shooting in Neptune Township New Jersey

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According to a New Jersey News, a military are questioning a shooting. There is no information about a probable plant or suspect. Initial reports prove a military have erected crime stage fasten around a home in New Jersey’s Neptune Township where an apparent sharpened has occurred.

Charlie Webster from a Monmouth County Prosecutor’s bureau has told reporters there is no impending information accessible during this time. The military fasten surrounds a home during 300 Monmouth Ave. on a dilemma of Monmouth and Asbury Park.

The New Jersy News group states there is a automobile in a expostulate and several toys and bicycles are sparse in a house’s yard area. There is no information about who resides during a home in Neptune County, New Jersey where a sharpened is now being investigated.

According to a NJ website a sum of 6 gun-related homicides occurred within a one week duration in Aug 2015. Although, in 2014 a sum homicides were reported to be during a five-year low.

Monmouth County, New Jersey is home to approximately 700,000 people. The military dialect in New Jersey’s Neptune County have not offering any updates.

During a website hunt concerning a chateau of 300 Monmouth Ave., a residence was sole in Nov 2013. It is different who resides in this tri-level singular family home, as 19 people are listed as owners of a home. Police are now questioning a shooting.


The plant was that of a home advance and he is now in vicious condition during a internal hospital. According to NJ Advance Media, a military responded to a 911 call in a early morning on Sept. 9, 2015. Upon nearing during a home, a military found justification there was a mangle in and justification of shots fired.

The military are stability to investigate. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to hit a prosecutor’s Detective, Adam Mendes, during 1-800-533-7443 or call Neptune Detective, Vincent Letsch, during 732-988-8000 ext. 422.

To make an unknown news Monmouth County Crime Stoppers’ trusted tip-line during 800-671-4400. To record a news around text: “MONMOUTH” and a tip to 274637 or to email a tip around a Monmouth County website.

Monmouth County Crime Stoppers will compensate adult to $5,000 for information heading to a detain of criminals and fugitives associated to a crime. This review is ongoing

Update by Cathy Milne
NJ Advance Media: Man vicious in sharpened during home invasion, cops say
Website: Monmouth County Crime Stoppers


By Cathy Milne


New Jersey News: Police Investigate Neptune shooting

NewJersey: True Jersey: Declines in Newark, Camden expostulate N.J. homicides to 5-year low in 2014

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