Showdown Between Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump Expected during Republican Debate

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Carly Fiorina during a discuss eventuality in Dover, N.H., on Saturday.

Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist for The New York Times

Donald J. Trump has criticized Carly Fiorina’s looks, observant of his usually womanlike Republican rival: “Look during that face! Would anybody opinion for that?” He has pronounced that listening to Mrs. Fiorina’s voice gives him a “massive headache.” He has mocked her business career, and has gleefully announced how “viciously” she was dismissed by Hewlett-Packard.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump will share a theatre with Mrs. Fiorina for a initial time, in a second Republican presidential debate.

Political strategists advise masculine possibilities to use counsel when debating opposite a womanlike rival. But roughly never before in American presidential politics has a claimant who has drawn charges of sexism and bullying been forced to privately confront a womanlike target of his insults on live television. And with Mrs. Fiorina bragging that she is removing underneath Mr. Trump’s skin, their showdown is rising as one of a many intriguing subplots of a second debate.

In a initial Republican discuss final month, Mr. Trump shielded carrying called women “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals,” and he after pragmatic that a moderator, Megyn Kelly of Fox News, had asked him tough questions given she was menstruating, a critique that got him disinvited from an successful regressive entertainment where Mrs. Fiorina gave a rousing speech.

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Raising Eyebrows in Political Debates

When group and women face off in domestic debates, as Donald J. Trump and Carly Fiorina will do on Wednesday night, a tinge of some jabs can come off as pompous or sexist.

By MICHAEL LESTER on Publish Date September 14, 2015.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images.

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Mrs. Fiorina stood out in a “undercard” of a initial Republican debate, and given afterwards she has edged adult in polls to acquire a mark on a categorical theatre with Mr. Trump. But a participation of a dual has stirred regard — and a lot of oddity — in a celebration fervent to take on Hillary Rodham Clinton and disturbed about how Mr. Trump will transport in debating opposite a woman.

“I’m not going to call her honey,” Mr. Trump pronounced in an speak final week. But he combined of Mrs. Fiorina: “Look, she’s usually got 3 percent in a polls, so in sequence to get recognition, we consider she’ll start conflict me. So we consider she’s satisfactory game.”

Mr. Trump pronounced he was scheming to impugn a record — and not a coming — of Mrs. Fiorina, who was dismissed as a arch executive of Hewlett-Packard and, like Mr. Trump, has never hold inaugurated office.

“I wish to speak about her corporate history, her failures during Hewlett-Packard,” Mr. Trump said. “And that will be deleterious adequate to her.”

The common manners of culture have so distant not practical to Mr. Trump, whose station in a polls has usually increasing after agitator comments about women, immigrants and Senator John McCain’s fight record. But while his scorn of dual opponents — Jeb Bush (“low energy”) and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin (“failed governor”) — has coincided with their decrease in a polls, Mrs. Fiorina has gained belligerent as Mr. Trump has showered insults on her.

Mrs. Fiorina responded to Mr. Trump’s comments in Rolling Stone repository (“Can we suppose that, a face of a subsequent president?”) by revelation Fox News, “Maybe, usually maybe, we am usually removing underneath his skin a small bit given we am climbing in a polls.”

Mr. Trump eventually pronounced that he was referring to Mrs. Fiorina’s “persona” when he done a remarks about her face.

Mrs. Fiorina, 61, has pronounced that, as a successful woman, “you’re possibly a bimbo or you’re a other b-word,” and that “there is no potion ceiling.” She is mostly defensive when asked about possibly her gender has helped her get ahead, and nonetheless she has seized on her position as a usually lady in a 16-person Republican field.

Mrs. Fiorina started her long-shot candidacy by holding approach aim during Mrs. Clinton, though she now appears staid to be a best claimant to move out a side of Mr. Trump that has drawn accusations of misogyny — a tactic some Republicans wish Mrs. Fiorina will welcome on Wednesday.

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“Instead of shutting him down, there’s a approach to pat bad Donald, a chauvinistic pig, on a head,” pronounced Rob Stutzman, a Republican strategist in Sacramento.

Mr. Trump pronounced he would not be chauvinistic.

“I wouldn’t do that; we won’t do that,” he said. “Though, if we did — well, people would usually strike me with domestic correctness, which, again people are so sleepy of.”

In a initial undercard debate, Mrs. Fiorina seemed prepared and ease underneath pressure. Her rivals treated her mostly with honour or deference, though a stakes will be aloft on Wednesday. Mrs. Fiorina and her supporters aggressively lobbied CNN to change a criteria for picking possibilities for a subsequent Republican debate, securing a mark for her on a categorical stage.

“This is going to be a defining impulse in Carly’s career,” pronounced Boris Feldman, a Silicon Valley counsel and one of her supporters.

“What’s offered tickets to this is a Trump-Carly card,” he said. “Trump has a thing about anybody doubt him, though generally a woman.”

Mr. Feldman and others tighten to Mrs. Fiorina design her to execute Mr. Trump as not being a genuine Republican, and to call out his unsuitable positions on mercantile and amicable issues.

Mrs. Fiorina has a bare-bones discuss staff and has been scheming for a discuss by adjusting her customary responses and zingers to fit into a laconic format. She works mostly in a balmy room of her Colonial-style Virginia home with her husband, Frank, and their dual Yorkshire terriers, Max and Snickers, nearby, and she communicates with aides on a orator phone.

Mrs. Fiorina declined to critique for this article.

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Political strategists on both sides suggested Mrs. Fiorina possibly to omit any potentially sexist attacks by Mr. Trump or to rivet him in a approach that is opposite from what a group onstage do.

“If we were her, we would have a small fun with Trump,” pronounced former Representative Patricia Schroeder of Colorado, who sought a Democratic presidential assignment in 1988. She suggested that Mrs. Fiorina cover her face with her palm and say, “I don’t wish to dissapoint or confuse you, Donald, if my face unequivocally bothers you.”

Debating womanlike possibilities can be hazardous even for group who do not have Mr. Trump’s repute for scornful women, that includes job a womanlike counsel “disgusting” after she took out a breast pump, and joking about verbal sex with a womanlike competitor on NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

As Joseph R. Biden Jr., a senator during a time, prepared for his vice-presidential discuss opposite Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska in 2008, he perceived some really transparent manners from his advisers, according to several people who helped him plan: Don’t scold her, don’t slur her, don’t ridicule or lessen her.

“Carly Fiorina is a improved debater than Governor Palin, and she has a good ability to take on Donald Trump,” pronounced former Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan, who played Ms. Palin in Mr. Biden’s ridicule discuss sessions.

Mr. Trump’s devise to conflict Mrs. Fiorina’s corporate record could make an sense effective. Voters know small about a layoffs during her hilly reign during Hewlett-Packard or about her $21 million separation package, something that Senator Barbara Boxer of California highlighted in their 2010 Senate race. Ms. Boxer degraded Mrs. Fiorina by 10 commission points.

“They’ll know flattering fast that she is a face of income inequality and Wall Street greed,” Ms. Boxer pronounced in an interview. (Mrs. Fiorina has pronounced a layoffs and her banishment were outlines of confidant leadership.)

Deborah Bowker, a tighten crony and an help to Mrs. Fiorina, pronounced that after years of being surrounded by group in corporate America, Mrs. Fiorina was unfazed by Mr. Trump.

“This isn’t a initial time she’s been confronted by someone creation a crazy comment,” Ms. Bowker said. “She has had comments about her looks, her clothes, whatever.”

That is during slightest one indicate on that Mr. Trump and Mrs. Fiorina can agree. “I consider she’s a clever woman,” he pronounced in a speak final week. “She can hoop any critique of her, and she can urge herself.”