Sidereal Time 13h: The Hour of Omega Centauri

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At a time late in open a sky is scarcely dim on bright nights during a finish of twilight. The reason is a finish deficiency of a Milky Way, that is stretched prosaic on a horizon. This starts during a commencement of May during nightfall. It is sidereal time 13h, a hour of Omega Centauri. For during that time, that conspicuous naked-eye intent crosses a apex right after eve ends. For observers in a northern hemisphere from latitudes reduction than 37 degrees this is a satisfaction for a blank marvel of a Milky Way.

Credit: plan nightflight

Omega Centauri is in fact no reduction fantastic than any segment of a Milky Way. It is simply manifest to a unaided eye, overwhelming in binoculars and a loyal gem when celebrated by a telescope. And it comes as a double feature. In binoculars a famous radio universe Centaurus A is manifest in a same margin of view. The ghost-like universe is usually 4 degrees north of a brighter Omega Centauri cluster.

Credit: plan nightflight

Both plan nightflight images were shot on La Palma island in Spain, Europe. One shows a Omega Centauri cluster above a standard Canarian hunger trees, a second shows Omega Centauri with a tighten neighbor NGC 5128, a Centaurus A galaxy.


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