Silent amicable engineering: Nitish, BJP contest to woo women electorate forward of Bihar polls

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The initial list of 43 possibilities expelled by a Bharatiya Janata Party for a Bihar check gives a good glance of a party’s plan for a polls. By giving a vast series of tickets to women, a BJP has done it transparent that it is going true for Nitish Kumar’s core constituency.

Representational image. Image courtesy: ReutersRepresentational image. Image courtesy: Reuters

Representational image. Image courtesy: Reuters

Nitish has nurtured a women’s subdivision good and now it’s for BJP to make a move. Over 50 percent of possibilities on a BJP’s initial list in Bihar are women and youth. Does it offer a extended spirit on a constituencies that would be vicious to a party’s electoral strategy? Perhaps it does.

Post-Narendra Modi, a party’s clarity of coercion in enchanting a lady does not need most elaboration. But for a celebration deliberate to be deeply congenital in a moorings, a importance on women is interesting. This, some check observers believe, is a pierce to neutralize Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s viewed first-mover advantage among this territory of a electorate.

Beyond a standing and community pattern of politics in Bihar, Nitish Kumar has silently left about nurturing women as intensity voters. Check out these statistics-

– Nearly half of a some-more than 3 lakh agreement teachers allocated in Bihar are women.

-In 2006, Nitish’s supervision ensured 50 percent reservation for women in a three-tier panchayati raj bodies. Also, thirty-five percent of posts in a military force are indifferent for women; it’s a initial in a country. The state supervision has combined a women’s corps in a Bihar Military Police.

-Free plots given to Mahadalit families are purebred in a names of a women in a family.

– Girl students in comparison high propagandize classes get Rs 150 per annum to buy spotless napkins. Another initiative for lady students is a one-time money incentives for girls clearing a matriculation The state supervision has launched a programme called Hunar to sight Muslim girls.

-Apart from what he has implemented already, Nitish has announced 35 percent reservation to women in all Bihar supervision jobs if he earnings to power. To tackle a flay of alcoholism in farming Bihar, he has betrothed a anathema on wine in a state. It could be only domestic rhetoric, though a shrewd JD(U) personality knows what appeals to women voters.

In a state where women electorate have been outnumbering their masculine counterparts in a final few elections, this is amicable engineering during a smartest. The BJP has to furnish an effective opposite to it. If some-more women find place on a candidates’ list for a public polls, it should not warn anyone.