Silver Investment is a MUST due to Market Fundamentals

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Silver Investment is a MUST due to Market Fundamentals

Silver Investment is a MUST due to Market Fundamentals

The best reason to possess china is formed on underlying marketplace fundamentals.  However, many of a markets now aren’t being valued by fundamentals, nonetheless rather on Fed and Central Bank interventions.  This has broken a ability for investors and markets to scrupulously value many assets.

I, as good as many changed metals analysts have perceived some gibe for removing it wrong on a cost movements of bullion and china given 2012.  Of course, no one was angry when a china cost changed adult from an normal $6.67 in 2004 to $35.12 in 2011.

Sure, we changed metals analysts merit some critique for not foreseeing how many financial copy a Fed and Central Banks would do as good as a large crime and deception conducted by a tip banks in a world.  For instance a new proclamation that Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation In Legal Settlement, Agrees To Expose Other Banks.  And… this is usually what we know about.  How about a things we don’t know about?

People need to comprehend a financial markets and tellurian economies are in critical trouble.  When we took a expostulate to a vital city this weekend, we beheld that Nissan is financing cars for 0% for 84 months.  we suppose there are copiousness of other automobile dealers doing a same thing.

When we was a youngster, a normal financing for vehicles was for 24-48 months.  Anyone financing a automobile or lorry for 60 months was a genuine REAL LOSER.  Today, we are a LOSER if we ask a automobile salesmen for a 24 month plan.  The final new automobile we purchased, we put down 60% of a staid cost and financed a residue for 24 months.  we accumulate we was a LOSER behind afterwards too given they pronounced that arrange of remuneration devise was singular (most put really small down and financed as prolonged as they could)… and this was usually a small some-more than 10 years ago.

I don’t buy new cars anymore.  we expostulate an aged beat-up Ford ranger.  Oh sure, we could go buy a code new automobile for cash, nonetheless why??  I’d rather possess earthy changed metals and expostulate a beat-up aged car.

Anyhow, my indicate is this…. the infancy of Americans are vital a really rarely leveraged pay-for-it-later–later lifestyle that isn’t sustainable.  The U.S. economy has been propped by one burble after another for a past 3+ decades.  However, a benefaction burble given 2008 is many worse.  It’s a burble being propped adult by impassioned precedence by removing Americans to buy things they can’t means for zero down with and longer and longer remuneration plans.  This has DISASTER created all over it.

So, it’s intensely tough now to foresee what a marketplace will do formed on fundamentals when many Americans have thrown sound financial formulation out a window.  That being said, we can demeanour during some underlying fundamentals that offer a changed metals financier some critical clues.

World Silver Bar And Coin Demand Explodes Since 2008

One of a fundamentals that tells us something usually isn’t right in a financial markets is a blast of Silver Bar and Coin direct given 2008.  As we all remember, 2008 was a year a engine stopped and a wheels came off a economy.  This was due to a mortgage-backed housing burble that authorised many Americans to buy houses they couldn’t afford.  This was also a time when Americans (who weren’t shopping homes) were regulating their homes as an ATM machine.  Basically, they were extracting a ostensible equity from their home to buy some-more rubbish they didn’t need.

So, to keep a U.S. and universe economy from imploding and entering into a new Great Depression, a Fed and Central Banks starting a digital copy presses and pushed Trillions of Dollars (liquidity) into a system.  This had a surpassing impact on a value of many assets… such as silver.  The cost of china jumped from $13 in 2007 to a high of $49 in 2011.

Savvy investors realizing a Central Banks were insane, starting to squeeze record amounts of earthy silver.  If we demeanour during a draft below, we can see a disproportion between a dual periods:

From 2000 to 2007, sum universe Silver Bar and Coin direct was an estimated 375 million oz (Moz).  However, from 2008 to 2015 it scarcely quadrupled to 1,422 Moz or 1.42 billion oz. The World Silver Survey usually supposing Silver Bar and Coin direct given 2004.  So, we had to guess a total for 2000-2003 as they usually yield Official Coin sales.

Regardless, this is one of a fundamentals that gets improved each year…… usually like a present that KEEPS ON GIVING.  Even nonetheless a cost of china has declined from a high of $49 in Apr 2011 to $17 currently, direct for earthy Silver Bar and Coin continues to be in record territory.  For example, Silver Eagle sales will expected strech 19 Moz by a finish of Apr compared to usually 15.9 Moz during a same duration final year.

That being said, many investors are some-more endangered about a short-term china cost transformation than a long-term fundamentals.

In one article, Dan Norcini is saying that a record Commercial shorts on china will be like a Halloween Horror show.  Then we have Bill Holter deliberating a reasons for a Comex Silver Default.   In another china essay it explains a steel might “Tarnish” due to some-more bottom steel supply entrance on a marketplace that reserve some-more by-product china destroying a annual deficits.  One of a remaining articles explains since a entrance swell in china prices will means a bond marketplace collapse.

Of course, someone could supplement my past articles on china to that list.  However, we like to concentration on how a fundamentals will impact a value of china over a mid-long run.  My research on a destiny value of china is formed on energy.  This is many opposite from a forecasts by many of a changed metals analysts.

U.S. Economy In Serious Trouble As Domestic Oil Supply Declines

U.S. domestic oil prolongation from a tip 4 Shale Oil fields is forecasted to decrease to 4.6 million barrels per day (mbd) in May 2016.  This is down scarcely 700,000 barrels per day from a rise of 5.3 mbd in Apr 2015:

Some analysts trust a decrease in U.S. Shale Oil prolongation is due to a reduce price.  This is usually partly true.  Several oil analysts that we follow were forecasting a rise in Bakken and Eagle Ford shale oil prolongation by 2016 even with high oil prices.  This is due to a singular series of honeyed spots accessible to be drilled in a fields.  Once these are exploited, afterwards a companies have to pierce outward to a reduction prolific areas.

One analysts that provides sobering estimates for a Bakken and Eagle Ford shale oil prolongation is Tad Patzek.  Mr Patzek wrote an essay on his blog titled, Is U.S. Shale Oil Production Peaking? Part II: Oil Production.  In a essay he published a following charts:

Tad has perceived critique from some central sources given his forecasts are not as certain or ROSY as theirs.  Tad Patzek is Professor of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, now training during a Earth Sciences Division and Director of a Upstream Petroleum Engineering Center in KAUST, Saudi Arabia.  Before that (2008-2014) he was a Leadership Professor and Chairman ofPetroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department during The University of Texas during Austin.

In a second essay on Peak U.S. Shale Gas Production, here was a critique by an EIA, U.S. Energy Information Agency official:

Here is a minute sealed by Mr. Howard Gruenspecht, Deputy Administrator of a U.S. Energy Information Administration.  In that minute we was called a comparatively teenager actor in a decisive UT BEG Shale Study and, many worse, President of ASPO, a Association for a Study of Peak Oil.

Never mind that a BEG investigate used this indication of shale gas production in all of their calculations.  Our indication was published in a Proceedings of a U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and was awarded by NAS a 2013 Cozzarelli Prize for best paper in engineering.  And never mind that in early 2011, we done an accurate prophecy of gas prolongation from a Barnett shale, formed on a indication creatively due by Dr. M. King Hubbert, who was a strange pre-ASPO researcher.  Of course, early on, in 1956, Hubbert was called a goofy and idiot. But we wrote on this theme many times, see here and here and several other posts, and do not wish to repeat myself.

As we can see from a quote above, Tad Patzek’s work speaks for itself.  If Tad’s forecasts of a Bakken and Eagle Ford are correct, shale oil prolongation from these dual fields will be down 80+% by 2020…. that’s usually 4 years away.

If U.S. oil prolongation declines in a large approach by 2020 and afterwards down 70-80% by 2025, Americans are going to be in a universe of hurt.  we rarely doubt we will be means to trade U.S. Dollars for oil during this time.

This is a many critical elemental reason to possess earthy silver.  we trust a value of many paper resources will implode over a subsequent several years.  Sure, we could see a hyperinflation bout, nonetheless that doesn’t final long.  Without inexpensive and accessible domestic oil production, a United States will disintegrate into a many smaller economy.  Or worse yet, a third universe Banana Republic.




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