Silver Is The Most Manipulated Market In History

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Silver Is The Most Manipulated Market In History

Silver Is The Most Manipulated Market In History

The cost of paper china has been mauled given Janet Yellen and her rope of FOMC happy clowns expelled their routine matter final Wednesday that done a explain that there was clever probability that a Fed would travel a Fed Funds rate in December.   Silver is now down 8.5% given that matter strike a tape:


But as we can see, china is still in a good uptrend, adult over 7% from a bottom it strike in late August.  Of course, in covenant to only how manipulated a markets are, a SP 500 – that should have gifted a same form of sell-off as china and bullion on a hazard of aloft rates – is adult 1.3%.

Part of a reason china might be removing strike is a news of a news from a investment discussion in New Orleans final week that some association had invented an aluminum-based deputy for china used in solar panels.  Obviously, if this were true, it would impact a volume of china going into India (see this news in that a U.S. exporting 100’s of tons of china India).  And it would impact a volume china China is regulating in a growth of a large solar program.

However, if we examine a “beneath a aspect headlines” of this explain being made, a Company has not valid a record works or is unsentimental in blurb applications.  I’ve seen during slightest dual claims by companies over a final 10 years that they’ve grown a tablet to heal alcoholism. Still haven’t seen that heal  hit a market.  And for how many centuries has a universe had to continue claims from “scientists” who state they had figured out how to modify lead into gold?  As for this company’s claim?  I’ll trust it when we see it in action.  Until then, it’s zero though prohibited air.

Feel giveaway to review a source story here:  Natcore swaps china for aluminum in solar cells.

Until proven differently with genuine life, profit-making applications, we trust that this story will tumble into history’s dust-bin of false-flags.  Seems a bit coincidental that this story emerges only as a Fed/bullion banks are in a routine of raiding a paper changed metals markets…again.  The only thing blank from this story is Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street) resurrecting his aged Stratton Oakmont penny batch brokerage and holding this association public.

The anti-gold/silver promotion is reaching epic levels again.  It also happens to coincide with another multiple-day run on a bullion in GLD and a record-breaking run adult in a paper/gold ratio on a Comex.   The paper to bullion ratio during tighten to 300 is zero some-more than a thoughtfulness of how unfortunate a banks are apropos to keep a lid on a cost of gold/silver.

This paper to underlying deliverable earthy commodity ratio is many multiples over a ratio that a CFTC and CME concede in ANY other commodity market. It totally destroys a purpose of futures markets.  It’s transparent clear that bullion futures were introduced in 1974, one year after a U.S. devalued a dollar vs. a yen and Paul Volker certified over 20 years ex post facto that a Fed done a mistake not preventing a cost of bullion from relocating aloft when a dollar was devalued.  They couldn’t manipulate a cost of bullion in 1973 since bullion futures didn’t exist.

When story looks behind on this period, one of a biggest central frauds will be a Fed’s dull hazard of lifting seductiveness rates and a universe will know how and because it was used to assistance keep a lid on a changed metals. But many of us who have been concerned in this marketplace already know a reason…Et tu, Janet?



Courtesy: Investment Research Dynamics

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