Silver Market Points To A Global Run On Silver – Shortages On The Horizon?

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Silver Market Points To A Global Run On Silver - Shortages On The Horizon?

Silver Market Points To A Global Run On Silver – Shortages On The Horizon?

The conditions in a china marketplace seems to indicate to a commencement stages of a GLOBAL RUN ON SILVER.  we say, “it seems to indicate to a RUN on silver” due to several indicators we am looking at.  This also competence force a tellurian china marketplace to humour shortages in a future.  Why?  Well, let’s take a demeanour during these opposite indicators.

First, we recently wrote an essay Why Is The U.S. Importing So Much Silver Bullion?, display that U.S. china imports picked adult extremely in a initial dual months of a year.  Well, this continued into Mar as sum U.S. china imports reached a vast 1,504 metric tons (mt) compared to 1,129 mt during a same duration final year:

U.S. Silver Imports JAN-MAR 2014 vs 2015

U.S. china imports are 33% aloft than a initial entertain of 2014.  If we cruise industrial china demand, Silver Eagle sales and a Comex Silver Inventories, a U.S. Silver Market did not need an additional 375 mt of silver.  Industrial china direct was substantially reduce due to a descending U.S. Q1 GDP.  Silver Eagle sales were indeed reduction a initial entertain of 2015 compared to 2014 and sum Comex china inventories didn’t change all that much.

So, what gives?  If a U.S. Silver Market needs reduction china than it did during a initial entertain of 2014, someone contingency be stockpiling silver.  There has been conjecture that JP Morgan competence be one of a vast buyers.  If they are, they are shopping bullion bars and not Silver Eagles or Maples.  Furthermore, we do trust there are sidestep supports and people entrance in and shopping outrageous amounts of Silver Eagles.  This is substantially due to a increasing financial misunderstanding stemming from a Greek situation.

Secondly, India is importing a MOST SILVER EVER.  As we mentioned in another article, INDIAN SILVER IMPORTS: On Track To Smash All Records, India alien a vast 3,000 mt in a initial 4 months of a year.  If this trend continues, India will import a whopping 9,000 mt in 2015, leading a prior record of 7,000 mt in 2014.

Indian Silver Imports Jan-Apr 2015

I would suppose if a universe suffers a financial contamination ensuing from a Greek “NO” vote, we could see Indian china bullion imports collect adult even some-more in a second half of a year.  This could means some-more highlight on already parsimonious china market.

Third, justification points to a probable narrowing in a earthy china market.  In Keith Weiner’s new article, Silver Market Change Report Jul 5, 2015, he published a following draft on a Silver Cobasis:

Silver CoBasis

Keith settled a following about a new change in a china cobasis:

…. However, demeanour during that red cobasis line go. It was a tiny 7 basement points final Friday. It finished this week during 100 bps. The cobasis of farther-out contracts also rose proportionally.

Suddenly, a china marketplace is firm.

We can name dual reasons since a cobasis competence skyrocket. One is that there is a risk. If your counterparty defaults, afterwards we don’t get your steel back. You competence get dollars. The sell will insist a dollars are homogeneous to a metal, though that’s tiny consolation.

We do not trust this is a categorical problem now, since it’s not occurring in gold. If a banks were in approaching danger, a bullion basement would not be quiescent.

The other probable reason is that there’s a flourishing necessity of silver. Of course, in sequence to decarry silver, we have to have a metal. If it’s not available, we can usually wistfully watch a rising cobasis.

Basically, Keith believes a rising cobasis (in RED) is a outcome of a narrowing in a china market.  He goes on to contend this is a benefaction condition, though that could change in a future.

Well, we don’t see conditions in a Global Financial Arena removing any improved going forward.  we trust sidestep supports and particular buyers are finally reckoning out a marketplace is removing OUT-OF-HAND and are fixation correct bets by purchasing earthy silver.  This can be seen in a outrageous boost in Silver Eagle buying.

Fourth, a new swell in Silver (and Gold) Eagle buying.  If we demeanour during a new refurbish put out by a U.S. Mint, we can see that sales of Silver Eagles peaked in Jun and continue to be clever in July:

Silver Eagle Sales Jul 6 2015

Sales of Silver Eagles peaked in Jun to 4.8 million oz (Moz) compared to 2 Moz in May.  Furthermore, sales continue to be really clever during 1.6 Moz for a initial week of July.  If sales of Silver Eagles sojourn towering for a rest of a month, we could simply see over 5 Moz sole in July.

Gold Eagles for a initial week in Jul are already 21,500 oz compared to 76,000 oz in June.  Moreover, initial week Jul sales of 21,500 oz are a same volume sole for a whole month of May.  Clearly, we can see that investors are apropos increasingly disturbed about financial misunderstanding and probable black swans stemming from a Greek-Exit situation.

Fifth, cave supply descending and Government china sales… ZILCH.   As we settled in my article,World’s Largest Silver Producer Down A Stunning 12%, Mexico’s china prolongation fell precipitously in Apr compared to a same month final year.  According to a information from Mexico’s INEGI, china prolongation in Apr declined 58 mt from 486 mt in 2014, to 426 mt this year:

Meixico Silver Production Apr 2014 vs 2015

Mexico’s sum china prolongation for a initial 4 months of 2015 is 1,801 mt compared to 1,893 mt final year (down 5%).  While Peru’s china prolongation is aloft for a year, another vast writer is down considerably.  Thus, china prolongation from a tip producers in a initial 3-4 months of 2015 is down compared to final year.  we will do an refurbish on this in a apart article.

The Most Important Factor:  Government Silver Sales Fall To Zero Why China Is Holding Onto Its Silver

One of a many critical factors in a SUPPLY-DEMAND conditions for china has to do with Net Government Silver Sales.  This draft is from my new news called THE SILVER CHART REPORT.  It is listed as Chart #43 of a sum of 48 charts in a report.  It is a contingency review for a new and gifted altered steel investor.

As we can see in a chart, net supervision china sales were a top in 2003 during 88.7 Moz.  Net supervision china sales accounted for 15% of sum cave supply in 2003.

Net Government Silver Sales 2003-2014

During a following years, net supervision china sales continued to decrease (except for a spike in 2010) and in 2014 were a vast PHAT ZERO.  While Russia, China and India were a categorical sources of net supervision china sales, China was by distant a largest retailer in a group.

Now, a KEY FACTOR to know since China stopped offered a supervision china bonds into a marketplace is settled in THE SILVER MARKET REPORT.  we have to say, we was utterly astounded to review a reason China wanted to reason onto to a remaining supervision china stocks.  If we wish to find out why, we have to review a report.

I trust a universe is in a commencement theatre of GLOBAL RUN ON SILVER.  The indicators listed above uncover something has altered in a tellurian china market.  If a financial conditions continues to uncover due to a GREEK EXIT of a European Union, direct for china will usually increase.  Thus, a marketplace will expected knowledge tellurian china shortages.

Unfortunately, this will come during a time when many are waking adult to a fact that they are a BIGGEST PAPER BAG HOLDERS in story and there won’t be many earthy china to go around.



Courtesy: SRSroccoreport

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