Silver or Gold? Which is a Better Investment Today?

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Silver or Gold? Which is a Better Investment Today?

Silver vs. Gold: 2 Must See Charts

What is a improved investment?  Silver or Gold?  Well, if we demeanour during a following dual charts below, we can mark some engaging trends. The U.S. Mint has been producing Gold and Silver Eagles for over thirty years now. Since 1986, a U.S. Mint has sole 21.7 million Gold Eagles contra 463.4 million Silver Eagles. The altogether Silver-Gold Eagle Ratio from 1986-2016 is 21.1:

However, if we demeanour during a Gold Eagle sales of 252,500 oz contra Silver Eagles during 14,842,500 for 2016, a ratio is 61/1.  Investors are now shopping Silver Eagles this year during 3 times a ancestral altogether ratio.  Furthermore, if we mangle down Gold contra Silver Eagle sales in a following dual periods, we can see an engaging trend:

From 1986-2006, a U.S. Mint sole a sum of 13.8 million Gold Eagles compared to 148.3 million Silver Eagles.  This 21 year duration that took place before a fall of a U.S. Investment Banking and Housing Markets, shows that investors adored shopping Gold Eagles some-more than Silver Eagles as a Silver-Gold ratio was usually 11/1.

However, this altered after 2007, when investors bought a vast 315 million Silver Eagles contra 7.9 million Gold Eagles.  During a 2007-2016 period, a Silver-Gold Eagle ratio jumped scarcely 4 times to 40.1.  In addition, sum Gold Eagle sales were reduction in a second period, though Silver Eagle sales were some-more than double (148.3 million vs. 315 million).

Here is another engaging statistic.  Let’s review Gold and Silver Eagle sales contra a sum inventories during a GLD and SLV ETF’s:

Gold and Silver Eagles vs. GLD SLV ETF’s (million – Moz):

Total Gold Eagles = 21.7 Moz

Total GLD inventories = 26.5 Moz

Total Silver Eagles = 463. 4 Moz

Total SLV inventories = 330 Moz

What is engaging is that there are some-more Silver Eagles hold in private hands (463.4 Moz) than a sum inventories on a SLV ETF (330 Moz).  On a other hand, there is some-more bullion (supposedly) hold during a GLD ETF (26.5 Moz) compared to a Gold Eagles hold by a open (21.7 Moz).

Now, we have no thought if a GLD and SLV ETF’s have all a steel they contend they do, though we would most rather possess earthy Gold and Silver Eagles than paper bullion shares.

I trust china will outperform bullion significantly in commission terms in a future.  We can see that investors (large and small) contingency also determine as they are shopping a lot some-more Silver Eagles than Gold Eagles given 2007.




Courtesy: SRSroccoreport

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