Silver – The Kryptonite to a Banking and Financial System

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Silver – The Kryptonite to a Banking and Financial System

– Rory Hall: Can we name any product, use or any object of any form that is 66% cheaper than it was in 1980? Of march not. There is one object on a universe that is cheaper currently than it was in 1980 – silver. Why is that? How can that be?

We have seen several of a too large to jail banks be assessed “fines” for paraphernalia markets and appropriation terrorist. LIBOR and FOREX customarily to name a dual biggest marketplace paraphernalia schemes conducted by 5 of a too large to jail banking gang members. This is to contend zero of a drug income laundering and being “fined” for appropriation militant organizations. No one has left to jail – no one.

On a other hand, Deutsche Bank was “fined” for paraphernalia both a bullion and china markets. The CFTC (Commodities Future Trading Commission) conducted an endless 5 year review into a china marketplace paraphernalia allegations. The CFTC was incompetent to find any wrong doing on a partial of a bullion banks. Deutsche Bank has staid one category movement lawsuit for a ornithology $37 million for indemnification and faces another category movement lawsuit that is still ongoing.

I move these equipment to a list to denote patterns of corruption, marketplace paraphernalia and bought-and-paid-for “regulators”, judges and supervision officials that no longer request a order of law to a genuine criminals.

I ask how could a commodity or any product that is bought and sole on universe earth be 66% cheaper than in 1980. The justification above demonstrates how that is possible. The customarily remaining doubt is – because is china a kryptonite to a banking and financial system? Gold, while a marketplace has been proven to be fraudulent as well, has during slightest been means to stand aloft than in 1980. The stream tellurian “price” of bullion does not simulate it’s loyal value, however, it is still aloft than 37 years ago. Silver, not so much.

If they have strike a wall with a volume of china (contracts) they have…wether Morgan and a other people, nobody knows if it’s Morgan china or not. They’ve (JPMorgan) been a large reason silvers been broken for 6 years – privately due to JPMorgan and a U.S. government. It’s all a doubt now wether they’ve strike a tipping indicate and strike a wall, as Ted Butler says and he’s scold in that a Morgan conglomeration and their allies are trapped. How are they going to get out? ~Bill Murphy, The Daily Coin

We recently reported a dump in china cave prolongation and, a most some-more poignant dump in china throw entrance to market. These are a dual categorical channels that fill marketplace orders for earthy china demand. Any other product or service, a universe over, that is in brief supply customarily rises in value due to a fact there is reduction of a product or use than can fill marketplace needs. This, once again, is not a box with silver. Why?

How did we go bankrupt? Slowly, afterwards suddenly.”

The markets start out good and delayed and afterwards it starts to collect adult steam and all-of-the-sudden a marketplace will trade differently than it has for years. ~Bill Murphy, The Daily Coin


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