Simple video can be a vaccine preventing gambling addiction

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Gambling obsession is a outrageous problem and can lead to life-changing episodes. It starts like any other obsession – we try once, guarantee yourself we are not going to abuse it, though afterwards suffer it some-more and more, until we can't stop on your own. Scientists from University of Waterloo found a elementary approach of preventing people from building gambling obsession with container machines.

Slot machines like this play musty song and arrangement a light uncover even when a chairman won reduction than he bet. Image credit: Tomasz Sienicki around Wikimedia(CC BY 3.0)

Gambling businesses are usually like any other businesses – they are perplexing to remonstrate people into profitable some-more money. Slot machines, for example, use a famous technique to convince people into throwing some-more hard-earned income into those almighty slots. They play celebratory song and peep lights even when a actor indeed won reduction than he bet. This creates people spend some-more time and income on that machine. Scientists now suggested that display a brief video about how it’s finished is all it takes to forestall people from guileless those lights and sound effects too much.

Changing people’s notice about how many times they won might indeed be a pivotal to a gambling addiction. Gamblers customarily do not grasp a impulse when they start going downhill and continue personification meditative they are still on their winning path. A elementary educational video, tested in this research, prevented people from going this dangerous slope, since they accepted what is function better. They were simply some-more wakeful of how most they are winning and how most they are losing.

Participants of a investigate were divided into dual groups. One watched an educational video about how container machines costume loses as wins and another organisation watched separate videos. Then they played with container machines and after they were asked to weigh how many times they have won. Candice Graydon, lead author of a research, said: “We found that a video was effective in editing mixed misperceptions. Players not usually remembered their tangible series of wins some-more correctly, though they were also some-more able of labelling waste sheltered as wins during container appurtenance play”.

Those who did not watch a educational video guessed they were successful 23 % of a time, and those who watched a ominous video estimated 12 % feat rate since they were simply some-more aware. Scientists would like to investigate if videos like this are assisting to quit gambling quicker. Also, they contend that such elementary animations should be shown nearby gambling salons, to assistance people adjust their notice before they remove too much.


Source: University of Waterloo

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