Sit-to-Stand Desk

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Perch is sit-to-stand table designed to be a many customizable and affordable desk. A split-level shelf record allows a  two opposite sized monitors, to be during eye level.


The aspect has pointed and easy to use handles that make adjusting your table easy and comfortable.


It will fit any height, measure (while standing) the tallness of your bend focussed during 90 degrees to a ground, afterwards find a tallness on this picture to know a ideal tallness environment for we while station during your Perch desk.


These measurements uncover during what tallness your elbows would be for any accessible table height. The dimensions is taken from a belligerent and is formed on your Perch table resting on a 29” desk.


The plan debate is entirely funded on the Kickstarter and reached the idea of $20.000, we can sequence it by subsidy this project, an estimated smoothness is on Feb of 2016.


Source: Kickstarter