Sitora Yusufiy, Ex-Wife of Orlando Suspect, Describes Abusive Marriage

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Omar Mateen

BOULDER, Colo. — Sitora Yusufiy suspicion she was finished with her ex-husband, Omar Mateen.

After a matrimony in that she pronounced he kick her, confiscated her paychecks and removed her in their Florida home, Ms. Yusufiy pronounced she fled in 2009 with a assistance of her parents. The final she remembers of Mr. Mateen is that he grabbed her arm to stop her from removing into a automobile and withdrawal him forever.

“He attempted to strech in his behind pocket, we don’t know if he had a gun with him, though my mom felt that and she screamed out,” Ms. Yusufiy pronounced during an pronounce during a home where she lives with her fiancé, here in a high immature hillsides above Boulder. “That was a final time we saw him.”

Early Sunday morning, his participation ripped behind into her life when Ms. Yusufiy’s mom called her to contend that a male she had met by Myspace in 2008 and fast married had committed a deadliest mass sharpened in United States history.

“I had let that section of my life go a prolonged time ago,” she said. “It’s somebody that harm me and aggrieved me.”

She spent partial of Sunday being interviewed by F.B.I. agents, who were inside a home for about an hour. Although officials have pronounced they investigated Mr. Mateen in 2013 and 2014, Ms. Yusufiy pronounced that Sunday was a initial time she had been approached by law coercion officials to pronounce about him.

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She answered phone calls from her mom and watched as her online photographs and social-media profiles were sparse opposite a internet. As she sat to pronounce of her memories of Mr. Mateen, she easily overwhelmed a tree-of-life necklace her hermit had given her and hold a bracelet from her mom that she wears for protection.

Ms. Yusufiy pronounced she had immigrated to a United States from Uzbekistan in 2000, following her father, who had come a year earlier. She grew adult in northern New Jersey and met Mr. Mateen around a time her relatives started to pronounce to her about marrying.

“I had already started removing hints from my family — Oh, it’s time for we to get married, we wish to set we adult with somebody,” she said. She pronounced she figured if she was to marry young, she would do it on her possess terms: “I wanted to find somebody that we could describe to and find him for myself.”

She pronounced Mr. Mateen seemed good during first. He joked around, had a decent job, aspired to spin a military officer and reputable his family, she said. He was an American though had roots in their common culture, she said. After a few dates, she pronounced their relatives met to make grave matrimony plans.

“I didn’t have any believe or feeling of his instability,” she said. “My relatives indeed did not feel good about it. But we theory we was in a theatre of unequivocally wanting to make my possess decisions and be independent. So we motionless to go on with it anyway and go to Florida and marry him.”

After about 6 weeks, she pronounced she began to notice haphazard function and a rage that would flare, infrequently though warning or provocation. She pronounced he became verbally and physically abusive. He forbade her to call her parents, and he authorised her usually to go to her pursuit as a day caring teacher. He done her palm over her paycheck.

“He was totally dual opposite people sometimes, and would spin and abuse me, out of nowhere, when we was sleeping,” Ms. Yusufiy said.

She pronounced that Mr. Mateen was religious, though that he had never voiced sympathies for militant organizations or radical Islamists. But he did make anti-gay comments when he was angry, she said.

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“There were really moments when he’d demonstrate his dogmatism toward homosexuals,” she said.

He kept a china handgun in a house, and he went aim sharpened with friends. Ms. Yusufiy pronounced that some of his friends were in law enforcement, and that he infrequently went sharpened with them. He never threatened her with a gun, though a participation disturbed her.

In 2009, Ms. Yusufiy pronounced her relatives began to clarity a abyss of a difficulty and flew to Florida to intervene. After her relatives extricated her from a marriage, they flew behind to New Jersey.

“I’m sanctified to have a family that we do since they saved me from death,” she said.

Ms. Yusufiy pronounced she had final listened from Mr. Mateen when he sent her a Facebook summary about a year ago, accidentally perplexing to reconnect. She pronounced she told him never to hit her again and blocked him.

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