Six new models for oil recovery

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The work is being carried out jointly with a DTU’s partner institutions: a University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, a Geological Survey of Greenland and Denmark (GEUS), abroad institutions, and a series of private companies.

Access to pivotal data
Each proof indication facilities member from attention and a universities. The unaccompanied underline of a operative attribute is that attention has postulated a researchers rare entrance to pivotal information and information about a oil fields. The information include, for example, technical reports, measurements, seismic data, fountainhead models, subterraneous information and information about how operators understanding with corrosion. This provides DHRTC with an ancestral event to make a difference.

“A closely weave operative village involving researchers and attention is essential if we are to strech a goal. Both since time is short, and since we have to find new solutions to aged problems and understanding with formidable issues,” explains Henrik Tirsgaad, Head of Corporate Technology and Innovation during Maersk Oil.

“The initial step towards operative together is to share a data, that we have a story of gripping to ourselves … We are now opening a files and creation a believe accessible to a researchers. This might good lead to an critical breakthrough.”

Center for Oil and Gas—DTU
The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre—DTU was founded in 2014. After a initial dual years of operation, a centre now employs 65 people and expects this series to arise to 100 subsequent year. Learn some-more on

Six models for oil recovery

Source: DTU