Six things CIOs should cruise before outsourcing user acceptance testing

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By Percy Dara Hiloo

With a recognition of e-commerce, online banking, e-tail stores and other online formed business models gaining prominence, some-more and some-more business are formulating web formed and mobile formed platforms to feat a humungous business opportunities. From cab services such as Ola and Uber to online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart, these business ventures rest extensively on a web and mobile platforms for their business.

However, in a new past there have been many incidents opposite geographies that consumers, users and program developers themselves have faced technical glitches when handling on these platforms. In sequence to equivocate such issues, some-more and some-more enterprises are realizing a advantages of contrast services rendered by IT vendors to for addressing issues of bugs or malware on a platforms.

Outsourcing User Acceptance Testing (UAT), is a final vicious mile to cranky before rising a product/software in a marketplace and has solemnly gained inflection over a years with a majority of contrast and outsourcing itself. While organizations might have started outsourcing low turn contrast prolonged behind to get a common outsourcing advantages in terms of cost savings, urge quality, faster product launch, there has always been a imprisonment to outsource UAT. Since UAT is deliberate as a final check before it goes live, CIO’s are demure to remove control and they are of a opinion that an inner group has improved bargain of a end-user requirement and hence they are in a improved position to check a final release. However it is found that outsourcing UAT is heading to distant improved outlay than validation finished by inner teams. There might be mixed reasons compared with that such as –

— outmost group really adds value in terms of completing a exam coverage

— they have a some-more design perspective of a business scenarios that might start in that industry

— outmost consultant can assistance to exam a opening of a focus during rise periods


Percy Hiloo-Head Testing Practice of Blue Star InfotechPercy Hiloo-Head Testing Practice of Blue Star Infotech

Percy Dara Hiloo, conduct of contrast practice, Blue Star Infotech


While there might have been many conflicts either to outsource UAT or not and what are a vicious factors that can lead to success of such a vicious engagement. UAT outsourcing like any other engagements can’t be an overnight routine and has to go by step by step routine of control mechanisms and procedures to be successful. It is vicious to name a scold outsourcing partner and control a contrast to grasp preferred results. The following are some of a vicious aspects to cruise before outsourcing UAT to an outmost businessman –

— Establishing goals for enchanting with UAT consultants – Enterprises contingency support objectives for IT vendors, who have an imagination in contrast services, when comparing with them during a Project Initiation proviso itself. This helps IT vendors to effectively strategize their functions in a Testing phase. Also a External Test Consultants can be concerned during a Solution Design proviso to yield improved prominence into a resolution plan and pattern designs.

— Innovation and customisation are pivotal qualities for IT vendors –it is profitable for enterprises to name IT vendors who have a artistic proceed to testing. Creativity empowers them to occupy learned and strong techniques to cover all probable scenarios that might not be a partial of stream transactional complement be checked.

— Analysing trends and metrics – The reports from contrast services should be analysed to know how a tests are surpassing and issues are removing reported. This is an vicious duty since if there is a flaw in determined standards and tangible opening or there is a miss of information on formidable it might lead to gaps in approaching solution.

— Encourage cranky organic coordination and inter organisational communication – The success of any outsourcing plan depends on team-work and correct communication between a inner group and outmost vendor. Coordination of activities and communication of suggestions or solutions helps in a well-spoken functioning of a project. Issues can be addressed but check that helps in execution of projects in a given time period.

— Selecting Right Testing apparatus for a Right job: –the accessibility of an array of contrast collection might emanate a disproportion in opinion among members on what collection contingency be employed. One might cite Microsoft Excel to lane tasks, another might cite Microsoft Project, and nonetheless another is a bit some-more modernized and uses SharePoint lists with programmed workflow. IT vendors of contrast services contingency name a many suitable technique for a several platforms of a enterprises

— Developing effective Tracking and Controlling Mechanisms –UAT is a vicious cause for program project’s success it is vicious for an classification to occupy well-defined and quantifiable parameters for determining and monitoring a outsourced Acceptance Testing process.

Outsourcing of UAT might seem to be a plea for many enterprises. However, by following a aforementioned discipline a enterprises and IT vendors can form a strong partnership that might assistance in finale an organization’s hurdles and be a cure-all to a CIO’s ails. In sequence for this indication to succeed, a businessman needs to take pinnacle caring to safeguard that a ‘conflict of interest’ conditions is managed and classification deliberation outsourcing Acceptance Testing contingency ready good to teach all stakeholders of a plan in sequence to lessen a occurrence of these issues. Factors such as cost, techniques, IT vendors’ imagination and affability of enterprises contingency be evaluated in sequence to reap abounding dividends of outsourcing UAT.

(The author is conduct of contrast use during Blue Star Infotech)