Sleep Sensing Headphones

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Kokoon is nap intuiting EEG headphones, gentle to be slept in and intelligent to know how and when to adjust your song as we tumble defunct and wake. The smartphone app give clinical levels of discernment and a comprehension to assistance we urge your sleep.

EEG sensors are widely used in nap clinics and hospitals and it is regarded as a approach to accurately guard sleep.


To keep a Kokoon headphones from removing prohibited and sweaty, it is grown a complement of atmosphere dissemination that confirmed a acoustic sign though speedy atmosphere to disseminate about a headphone cushioning to revoke feverishness and moisture.

Kokoon adjusts your audio volume and equalization as we tumble defunct so that it doesn’t disquiet we once asleep. It blocks out outmost noises and disturbances that might concede your low sleep.

The app helps we know what audio techniques work to get we to nap so that we can improved nap a subsequent time. Kokoon’s intelligent alarm identifies a ideal time for we to arise up, so we can start a day feeling warning and refreshed.

The plan is already corroborated on a Kickstarter and has reached a appropriation idea of $100.000, a early bird pricing has already gone, though we can still collect adult for $189. An estimated smoothness is on February of 2016.



Source: Kickstarter