Small and Powerful Surface Sound Speaker

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Cisor is designed to be a smallest and absolute unstable wireless speaker. Instead of promulgation sound waves by a air, it sends them by a aspect we place it on. Using a Diffusion Technology it powers sound directly by a aspect it’s placed upon. Making it as absolute as speakers around 10 times a size. Each aspect has opposite sound qualities, so there’s no extent for experimenting that sound best for you.

The Cisor is means to yield a full heard magnitude operation down to as low as 30hz giving severely low drum and as high as 15khz. Different surfaces have opposite resonating properties, so audio will sound somewhat opposite depending on a surface.

  • SIZE: 78mm x 58mm
  • WEIGHT: 320g
  • MATERIAL: Anodised Aluminium. Silicon.
  • ABS CONNECT: Bluetooth V4.0. Wireless Stereo
  • BLUETOOTH RANGE: 10 m open range
  • POWER: Built in Lithium Ion Battery.
  • Charge time 2 – 3 hours approx
  • PLAYTIME: Up to 6 hours
  • SPEAKER DRIVER: Custom designed 10 watt Incisor Diffusion Technology Driver
  • Line in: Aux 3.5mm port
  • Charge type: USB-C

To see orator in movement watch video bellow.

Source: Indiegogo