Smart Jacket With Google Jacquard

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Smart Jacket from Levi’s is a Google Jacquard-equipped  Commuter Trucker Jacket. The Jacket is designed to keep we connected but carrying to demeanour during your smartphone or smartwatch. The coupler looks like any other square of fashion-forward outerwear with some aggressively tech-y spice.

It is a initial object to have Google’s Project Jacquard record woven in. It sports a minimal, removable tab on a slap that houses electronics. Once we mislay a tag, a coupler can be laundered like any other clothe. This intelligent coupler seems to aim to bicycle commuters, who can use it for tasks like navigating a route, accessing a music, or silencing a phone call during a appropriate of a sleeve, but a nuisance and risk of reaching for a smartphone.

The coupler was initial announced behind in 2016, a year after Google’s ATAP lab announced Project Jacquard. To see it in action, watch a promo video below.

Source: Levi’s

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