Smart Lighting System Mimics The Light Of The Sun

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Ario is a WiFi connected flare and lighting complement that mimics a light of a object to keep your physique time in sync and urge health.


Medical professionals recommends a to keep healthy circadian rhythm, calm sleep, by a following:

  • Blue-rich light which stimulates cortisol prolongation in a morning to synchronize circadian stroke and awaken, and during a day to say alertness.
  • Amber-toned light with really small blue and a comparatively dim ceiling, during a finish of a day. This creates it easier to relax and ready a physique for nap by facilitating a recover of a hormone melatonin that is indifferent by standard light bearing during night.





Tech specs


The plan debate is on the Kickstarter and already have raised $50,000 to start mass production. Early bird prices are gone, though backers can get one with a oath of $219. Shipping is estimated to start in Sep of 2016.


Source: Kickstarter