Smart Posture Support

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Backbone is a finish intelligent viewpoint support. Bad viewpoint gives we increasing spinal wear and tear, feelings of depression, and a aloft possibility of behind injury. Backbone supports your posture either you’re sitting, standing, walking, or exercising. It is slim and weighs subsequent to nothing, so we can wear it underneath your garments or over them. It aligns and supports your spine and shoulders, kindly vibrates whenever we slouch, reminds we when it’s time to take a mangle and pierce around, it marks your progress and trains your physique and mind’s viewpoint habits.


You can wear it underneath or over your clothes, but it being noticeable

Backbone’s mobile app works together with a intelligent viewpoint support to kindly quiver whenever we slouch, remind we when it’s time to take a mangle and pierce around, lane all your efforts. It lets we know whenever we slump or when it’s time to take a mangle and travel around or get some uninformed air. Choose a accumulation of opposite ways we would like to be told or reminded:

  • Gently vibrates your behind with intelligent viewpoint support
  • Vibrates your smartphone
  • Sends smartphone notifications

Backbone’s mobile app is concordant with both iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets). You can go for weeks or months but charging it. Backbone knows when it’s not in use and will optimize a tasks to save battery life. When not in consistent use, it can final adult to 2+ months but a charge. When used on a consistent 8-hour a day basis, it lasts from 7-14+ days.

The plan has so distant lifted some-more than $84thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 981 backers, with 22 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of October 2016. The cost is $69.


Source: Kickstarter