Smart Seagull Wins Every Round Of The Shell Game For Tasty Treats

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Everyone knows a classical diversion in that 3 inverted cups are changed around and contestants contingency theory that one is stealing a personification piece. Well, in this case, a competitor was a really intelligent seagull and a personification square was a juicy treat.


Either this bird is super intelligent or he’s a compulsive gambler — already informed with each pretence adult a dealer’s sleeve.

This inspired seagull isn’t descending for your nonsense, trifling human!

This inspired seagull isn't descending for your nonsense, trifling human!

YouTube / merotown

Impressive, though afterwards we theory a bird with eyesight strident adequate to mark fish from moody can substantially see a cube of food in a semi-translucent cup. Up your diversion subsequent time if you’re so smart, Mr. Seagull!