Smart Turn System For Motorcycles

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The Smart Turn System is a self-canceling device for motorcycles, designed to accurately establish when a scheme has been finished before switching off a indicators. Self-cancelling spin vigilance systems are customary in roughly each car, though they are not so common in motorcycles.


Most accessible systems in motorcycles operate with a elementary timer relay, while some after-market solutions supplement an tractable timer.


The Smart Turn System (STS) has been designed by ABCS Sistem and it differs with an innovative setup that monitors a motorcycle’s suit and determines a scold time to cancel a indicators. Its suit sensors collect information that quantify a bike’s trajectory, inclination, acceleration and vibrations. These are gathered in sequence to establish either a supplement has finished a turn, altered a line or exited a devious bake automatically canceling a spin signal.


The device is germane to many motorcycles and is easy to install. It can be placed anywhere on a motorcycle and will have to be calibrated before it is entirely organic as intended.

The approximate price of a STS is €150, nonetheless there might be some variations depending on a motorcycle model.