Social Media Is Going Wild For ‘Freaky’ Australian Milkshakes!

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The Freakshow Milkshakes!


If we adore a sweeter things in life, you’ll shortly be lusting for Patissez Bakery unimaginable desserts. The café located in Manuka, Canberra Australia has turn an present disturb online due to their decadent, over-the-top milkshakes (also famous as freakshakes), desserts and pastries. Patissez Bakery has been open reduction than dual months, though they’ve strike a big-time with their decadent dessert presentations. In further to portion adult one-of-a-kind beast desserts, Patissez have been pity AMAZING photos online and have fast gained worldwide attention.

So what creates these desserts so great? Well, there done with a accumulation of mixture including Nutella, brownies, pieces, creams and some-more and served adult in singular jars and mugs. Favourites on a Patissez menu embody a Freak Show Milkshakes, Dolce Drizzle Parfait, Red Velvet Cakes and more. Check out some of a pics below.


White chocolate caramel sand – dim chocolate consume – critical loads of Nutella buttercream – oodles of muddy pickled butter caramel – hazelnut toffee shards motherloads of Ferrero Rocher.


The Blues-Bubblegum mascarpone cheesecake mousse architecture with a blueberry jelly centre. The Maroons-Cherry developed mascarpone cheesecake mousse architecture with a hiss jelly centre.

redcheeseSome severely good wet red velvet layered with well-spoken silky Callebaut chocolate ganache, tawny cream cheese frosting some sour hiss gel.


Almond fritter membrane lined with dim chocolate, filled with vanilla bean bavarois, super soothing poached pear drizzled with a citrus vanilla bean syrup…gluten free.




Photo Credit: Patissez Facebook