Sofia Hayat to Pooja Misrra: Bigg Boss’ gallery of strange, stranger, strangest

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If there’s one thing Bigg Boss is famous for — detached from a no-holds-barred drama, of march — it is a showrunners’ unerring ability to pierce together a preference of people who are (what would be a respectful approach to put it?) decidedly strange.

Sure, there’s a essential competitor or few in any given season, though on a whole, it is a confidant and a weird who make an entrance in a Bigg Boss house.

The latest BB alum to strike a headlines for all a wrong reasons is model-actress Sofia Hayat.

Hayat has been trending on Google ever given it emerged that she had remade into a nun, going by a name Gaia Mother Sofia. With an “om” tattooed on her forehead, Hayat’s Instagram feed is full of mysterious messages about middle beauty. This is when she isn’t demonstrating to her followers, a right approach to make organic perfumes.


Sofia Hayat’s remade avatar on Instagram.

While her turnaround positively depends among a real-life Ripley’s moments we’ve come across, it is not as strange, when we review it to some of a other antics that former Bigg Boss contenders have got into. Here’s a lowdown on a strange, stranger, strangest:

Rakhi Sawant


Rakhi Sawant asks electorate to opinion for her RAP party. Image courtesy: News18

If one was to list down all a weird things that a Season 1 competitor has ever done, a paper so used could cover a globe. Before a 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Rakhi launched a domestic celebration ‘Rashtriya Aam Party (RAP)’ with a immature chilli as her choosing symbol. Her gameplan enclosed sauce like a chilli to make her point. After being degraded in a polls, Rakhi quit from her possess celebration and voiced a enterprise to join a BJP. Her latest pierce was to ask for a anathema on roof fans to strengthen India’s daughters from a perils of suicide, after actor Pratyusha Banerjee took her possess life.

Rahul Mahajan


Rahul Mahajan and Dimply Ganguly after their radio Swayamvar. Image courtesy: News18

The Season 2 contestant’s sheet to celebrity was his swayamwar with Dimpy Ganguly on a uncover Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge on NDTV Imagine. Rahul indispensable a good press — after a drug overdose liaison following his father Pramod Mahajan’s murder, and domestic assault allegations opposite Rahul by his initial mom Shweta, a existence uncover ‘rehabilitated’ his picture in a open eye to a vast extent. Appearances in Nach Baliye and Bigg Boss with Dimpy gave Rahul a tab of “reality entertainer”. However, they divorced in 2015.

Dolly Bindra


Radhe Maa with her bhakt Dolly Bindra. Image courtesy: News 18

After participating in Bigg Boss Season 4, Bindra became a domicile name. After a show, she continued to drum adult debate — many famously for her allegations of passionate exploitation opposite contentious godwoman Radhe Maa. Previously, she voiced a enterprise to slap former Bigg Boss housemate, Pakistani singer Veena Malik, for indulging in ‘immoral activities’. Bindra was criticised for pity photos of Pratyusha Banerjee’s physique on amicable media, and releasing an audio recording of her review with a lamentation Soma Banerjee (Pratyusha’s mother) immediately after a Balika Vadhu actress’ suicide.

Pooja Misrra


Bigg Boss 5 claimant Pooja Mishra. Image courtesy: News 18

The Twitter feed of this Season 5 contestant, who progressing featured in a strain in a 2003 film Dil ka Rishta, is like a rabbit hole we won’t be means to stop scrolling through. It’s full of allegations opposite Bollywood actresses, Salman Khan and whoever else happens to be her latest pet peeve. Last heard, a singer was in a midst of a quarrel after CCTV footage emerged of her roughing adult a staff during a five-star hotel in a capital.

Nine seasons later, Bigg Boss has given us many such contenders for a dedicated Hall of Infamy. Season Three’s Kamaal R Khan, whose explain to celebrity is substantially carrying a biggest series of Twitter battles with celebrities, is among them. With a deteriorate 10 entrance up, we’re positive of many more.