Solar-Powered Palm Trees

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There are usually dual Smart Palms commissioned in Dubai right now, though there are skeleton to hurl out a serve 103 opposite Dubai. In further to Wi-Fi and device charging, it provides internal info, directions, seating and shade. Touchscreenson a Smart Palms shows news, continue and can also yield directions to internal places, as good as open ride options.


The Smart Palms are powered by 13.8 sq m of photo-voltaic panels which have an potency of over 21 percent. You can recharge your device in charging hire that is able of replenishing batteries 2.5 times faster than your home charger.

The trees yield giveaway Wi-Fi with a operation of over 100 m and have 8 charging ports each. Selfie cameras concede users to take self-portrait photos during a Smart Palm locations.


The Smart Palms are monitored, any featuring a 360º infrared CCTV camera and an puncture symbol to assistance keep users safe.



Source: Smart Palm