Solved – “This Memory Card Cannot Be Used”

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In this article, we will find how to solve a memory tag can't be used blunder though deleterious a strange data.

Q: we have a Nikon Coolpix. we fire a lot of photos. However, yesterday, we met a terrible memory tag problem. we could not entrance information stored on my memory tag and perceived a warning message: “this memory tag can't be used, tag might be damaged, insert another card” (image below). Now, what should we do? Can we pierce out this blunder simply and effectively?

Have we ever encountered a same problem? Is it probable to correct this emanate though information loss? Now, in today’s post, we am going to uncover we how to solve this emanate efficiently.

Data Recovery from Memory Card That Cannot Be Used

In general, if a memory tag contains large critical data, users unequivocally should compensate courtesy to information liberation a most. Otherwise, a strange information could be overwritten. And then, there is no approach to redeem them. To redeem mislaid information from shop-worn memory card, users can try a following 3 ways.

1. Users can spin to backup files to get mislaid information behind from memory tag that can't be used. However, if there is no backup file, greatfully try a following solutions.

2. If users don’t wish to spend time recuperating mislaid data, they can spin to veteran information liberation companies to revive mislaid data.

Note: it is indeed an effective resolution for mislaid information recovery, though we have to bear a risk of leaking privacy.

Want to know a best way?

3. According to a survey, we find many users like recuperating mislaid information by regulating veteran and elementary information liberation program versed with high security. Thus, they can effectively redeem mislaid information though inspiring a strange data.

Fix Error “This Memory Card Cannot Be Used”

After recuperating mislaid data, we can try a following solutions to correct a memory tag can't be used error.

Solution 1: Check and correct blunder by using authority prompt.

As we know, if we can't entrance a memory tag since of some errors, we can try diskpart to check and correct errors.

  • Firstly, open Command Prompt and run it as administrative.
  • Second, form chkdsk /f [drive letter] and press Enter.
  • Finally, form exit and press Enter.

Chkdsk might take a prolonged time to check and correct errors. However, sometimes, users will find this resolution can't solve their problem. Now, what should we do? In this situation, greatfully try formatting a shop-worn memory tag to pierce out this error.

Solution 2: Format shop-worn memory tag

Connect memory tag to computer, and afterwards open Disk Management.

Right click a memory card, and afterwards select Format… feature.

Then, mention indispensable volume label, record complement and allocation combine distance and click OK symbol to get a following message: “Formatting this volume will erase all information on it. Backup any information we wish to keep before formatting. Do we wish to continue?”

Now, click OK to finish a formatting process.

Of course, there are other solutions to format memory tag effectively. Here, greatfully review this educational “SD Card Formatter | How Do we Format SD Card Quickly”- to know 4 minute solutions to format a memory card.

Written by Anna Lan

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