Someone Held A Phone Over This Woman’s Tattoo And Made Something So Cool Happen

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We all have a possess mementos of things we value a most.

For many, it’s an intent that reminds us of people or places we love, maybe even a suggestive tattoo. Some people, on a other hand, cite something that can be heard. For example, copiousness of people keep a available summary from a desired one who’s upheld away. But what if we could have both — a visible and auditory souvenir in one? That’s accurately what you’ll get with a Skin Motion tattoo.

What creates these tattoos so special isn’t only that they’re combined from a genuine sound wave, though that a shave can be played with an app. This lady will be means to hear her late grandmother’s voice anytime she wants by holding her phone over a tattoo.

The association behind a one-of-a-kind tattoos allows people to upload sound waves, afterwards generates a stencil for them to take to a lerned tattoo artist. Once they’ve been inked up, they only need to download a Skin Motion app to activate a tattoo. This male also mislaid his grandma, though he’ll delight her voice on his arm forever.


The best part? The clips aren’t singular to people’s voices. You can use recordings of your pets, too!