Something Tells Us These Babies Don’t Like What Mom And Dad Served For Dinner

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As all relatives know, kids are unequivocally strict about what they eat.

And they aren’t bashful about vouchsafing Mom and Dad know that they aren’t gratified with their meals. Even babies can communicate what dishes they do and don’t like with a expressions on their faces — and it’s flattering entertaining. Watching their small mouths possibly lucent or scrunching adult in offend during certain tastes is both darling and hilarious. That’s because we’re pity a few of a funniest reactions these cuties have had to dishes they unequivocally don’t prefer.

1. This small man will pass on a applesauce, thanks.

2. Tell me how we unequivocally feel, sweetheart.


3. “Not a peas! Anything though a peas!”