Something Was Following This Boy And No One Believed Him…Until He Took A Video

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If your child came home from propagandize and told we a bizarre chairman had been following them around all day, how would we react? You would expected try to get to a bottom of it immediately and see if your child is merely devising this instance, or if someone is unequivocally creeping on them. Yet progressing this summer, a nine-year-old child from a suburbs of Atlanta came home and told his relatives he was being followed. He wasn’t being followed by a person, however, though what he claimed was a UFO.

Naturally, his relatives were doubtful of his claim, so a child set out to move them proof. That’s when he shot this dungeon phone video of a low-flying intent appearing to solemnly follow him as he walked home. The footage is disturbing, to contend a least.

(via Mysterious Universe)

This is creepy as heck. Who do we call about a UFO stalking you?

So far, there has been no word about what happened to a child after he shot a video. We wish he’s managed to continue avoiding an visitor abduction.