Sonam Kapoor trolled for twitter on Mumbai beef anathema and misogyny

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The BMC-imposed four-day beef anathema in Mumbai might be eremite sentiment-based and astray on many grounds, though Bollywood singer Sonam Kapoor chose to tag it as ‘misogynistic’ on Twitter and as expected, several users jumped during a event to goblin her.


Sonam Kapoor in a record photo. PTI

Sharing a story about a beef anathema in Mumbai, Sonam pronounced that India will sojourn a third universe republic “because of a fanatic misogynistic tighten disposed few.”

When it was forked out that a anathema on beef is not indispensably misogynistic, Sonam continued to urge her mount and went on to have exhilarated conversations with several users on Twitter.

The discordant responses clearly didn’t go down unequivocally good with her given she finished adult job everybody who replied to her ‘assholes’ and ‘moron’.

Check out a waggish thread of tweets below

She afterwards went on to make a forceful matter on ubiquitous genius and lady job others bimbos.

Soon, even Chetan Bhagat, another favorite aim of Twitter trolls jumped in to support Sonam

Sonam afterwards finished a subject with a throwaway twitter implying that given she is famous for her conform sense, that’s what she should speak about.