SRK-Pepsi, Katrina Kaif-Slice: Before Deepika Padukone, these celebs done their brands cool

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On Sunday, 21 August, Deepika Padukone was announced as a face of Vistara Airlines. After Katrina Kaif, Padukone is usually a second Indian singer to validate an airline (Katrina did an ad for Etihad).

As many as a Nike ‘Da da ding‘ ad was criticised, it still finished so many clarity to insert Deepika to a endorsement, given her sports credentials and lineage. However, during a time when publicity deals are as critical to a star’s career as film choices, we aren’t certain what Deepika’s proclivity is to validate an airline (apart from a income itself).

Celebrity endorsements have been a large partial of a film business. We recognise, and reminisce about, stars equally since of a ads they do. And so, here’s a list of a many noted ads that a favourite stars have been a partial of:

Shah Rukh Khan and Pepsi

SRK and Pepsi only go palm in hand. While he might not be a code envoy for Pepsi anymore (he was transposed by Ranbir eventually), there is no doubt that Shah Rukh Khan is obliged for creation celebration Pepsi demeanour cold and trendy. To date. Probably a many famous Pepsi ad of his time was a one he did with the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai castwith a tab line ‘Dil Maange More’. It also has a special coming by a (really) immature Shahid Kapoor.

Aamir Khan and Coca Cola

A lot of celebrities have permitted Coca Cola, such as Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai, though a many noted ads have been finished by nothing other than Aamir Khan. He took ‘Thanda Matlab Coca Cola’ to another level, with his ads, that always had a story or a character.

Aamir did a array of ads where he played characters from opposite tools of India (and one where he played a Nepali confidence ensure as well), though maybe one of a many worshiped ad was of him personification a Haryanvi internal who serves Coca Cola to parched women. It is this ad that also finished a offshoot line ‘Yaara da tashan‘ unequivocally popular.

Katrina Kaif and Slice

Perhaps a initial thing that comes to your mind when we consider of Katrina Kaif is ‘Aamsutra’ and a small drop of mango extract descending on her mouth (don’t lie). One would suppose that Katrina would be best to validate a shampoo and hair oil brand, given her prolonged silky mane, though now that we’ve seen her sipping (playing?) with Slice, we can’t un-see it.

Amitabh Bachchan and Dairy Milk

Amitabh Bachchan is another actor who (at slightest in a initial days) played characters in his Dairy Milk ads (now he only turns adult as himself). The many famous ad from a early 2000s, was a ‘Pappu pass ho gaya‘ ad, that went on to emanate a whole enlightenment around a fictitious Pappu (who also can’t dance).

This ad should make we feel unequivocally sentimental if we went to propagandize in a 2000s. It is also a reason we associate Dairy Milk as something to be eaten while celebrating.

Preity Zinta and Liril

Wonder where Preity Zinta got her “bubbly” tag? She was a Liril lady before she did her initial film Dil Se (where she played a bubbly girl). For a uninformed (in this box those of who we were not innate or were toddlers in a 90s), a Liril lady was one who would bath in a rapids with Liril a soap, looking lovable nonetheless hot, and with super lovely credentials music. It was ostensible to prove that Liril was the soap to have.

Preity fit right in.