Stained Glass Makeup- Is This New Trend Stylish Or Just Strange?

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If you’re looking for a new turn on your common rainbow eyelids, we might wish to cruise a rising trend of stained potion makeup. Recently popularized by CoverGirl makeup artist James Charles, a elaborate demeanour of stained glass-esque eyelids is fast creation waves on Instagram. Staying loyal to a thesis of stained glass, a makeup trend facilities brightly phony eyeshadow practical in a form of retard formation. The splendid rainbow shades impersonate a beauty of an suave stained potion window. With some beauty lovers branch to shine and others opting for colourful pastel shades, there are countless ways to stone a trend.

Photo: jamescharles on Instagram 

For a adventurous few, requesting stained potion outcome eyeshadow to a eyebrows also brings a demeanour one step further. Meanwhile, a stained potion outcome during a outdoor corners of a eyelids is a new, quirky spin on a classical swift eye. If we wish to serve raise your statement, fake lashes, contoured cheeks and highlighter can also finish your beauty look. Before we burst into a stained potion trend, try holding a demeanour during these eye-catching examples curated from amicable media.

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